pockets are not just ornamental

nor something to make jokes about

like the guy who wears a plastic

pocket protector for his pens

give me a soft flannel shirt

with two breast pockets

two side pockets and two

hidden secret pockets

places to hold memories

in the guise of old tissues

unused but folded precisely

a small black comb, his

pajamas with pockets always

seem to come out of the laundry

inside out, looking like ears

the pants anyway, not the tops

coats with deep pockets can

carry a water bottle, a wallet

a grocery list and pen to

cross off items as you shop

there's a fine line between

frustration and functionality

or rather a great divide as

pockets replace my purses

in purses, everything gets

jumbled, multiplied, lost

whereas with pockets one learns

to mentally organize for the least

amount of confusion, for efficiency

so pockets win, hands down, or

hands in when it's cold or

raining when the best rain coat

is always full of more pockets

than you need so you can add

snacks, vitamins, letters to

be mailed, small gifts, paper clips

or other necessary tools or

products that make life on the go

easier, scissors, duct tape,

band-aids and eyeglasses

so throw out your pocketless

clothing or donate them to

people who just need to be warm or

add pockets with needle and thread

go to a tailor and ask for

more and more pockets on your

existing wardrobe, you'll most

likely feel oddly better

a bit brighter, and you will

be happier, I guarantee, and

isn't that what in our hearts

we all dream of every day?

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