Marijuana has always played a part in the culture of my life. Even in high school the coolest people were those who smoked pot. As my curiosities and risk-taking personality gave way, I found a new way of life.

I went to strictly Catholic schools as I grew up, so I did not realize that weed could be a way of communicating with and meeting new people. Through my two years of college, these communications were crucial to me.

After my parents found out, they sent me to a foreign country, hoping they could fix me. But I don't want to be fixed. I'm fixing myself, bit by bit, and I'm happy with my life and where I'm going. I used to be a real mess. Now I feel productive. I have a great job, good friends, and a real interest in going back to school.

The thing is, I'm still unwilling to give up my lifestyle. I applied for several local jobs, hoping that I would get a job that wouldn't drug test me. Fortunately enough I found a local job I really enjoyed, and I didn't get drug tested. After a short time at my job, I found out that most of my co-workers also smoke pot. I was a bit shocked at first, honestly, I thought I was doing something horrible and shameful that no one else did. While I really hope my boss doesn't know, I find it entertaining that within two day shifts at my new job, I'd already smoked with two of my co-workers. I am amazed at the amount that ganja affects these people's lives. The culture excites me. I really enjoy the social aspect of my habit, even if all the negative aspects reflect on me. I've met several people who have no direction in their life and just smoke weed. Hell, I've been one of those people. But now I feel like I know what I want to do. I'm not going to lose my direction, whether or not I smoke.