Okay, so I probably should have gotten around to posting this sooner.

Catbox Valentine's poetry

Simulacron3: I feel compelled to move this jabber off in a better direction. Let's compose a nice Valentine poem.

I'll give you my hugs and all of my kisses,
You can close your eyes and think of the misses.

DonJaime: Violets are blue and roses are red
I love you much more now that you're dead
But how, might you ask, am I able to tell?
If it isn't the motions and isn't the smell?
The clue that informed me of your recent demise
Was the tracks of the crows on the whites of your eyes.

Serjeant's Muse: Roses are crimson, violets are violet
if you strike out this v-day talk to Fox! Make a Pilot!

TenMinJoe: Roses are red, violets are blue
and since you're dead, your lips are too.

Excalibre: Roses are red, violets are purple
Baby, I really love playing with your nurples

SirQuady: Roses are red
violets are blue
All of my base
are belong to you.

kthejoker: Roses are red, lilies are white,
I'm feelin frisky - to the graveyard tonight!

Simulacron3: Your lips are so thin, they be doing me in.
Your skin is so white, I just gotta bite.

DonJaime: I think of my dear in the depths of the night
And the tricks she can do that cause me such delight
But then she appears with a Valentine's card
And the punch in her nose is all that stays hard.

Serjeant's Muse: Lilies for peace, roses for wrath
before we get it on, would you take an ice bath?

Excalibre: Red are the roses, green is the grass
Baby, tonight let's try doing it in the ass

TenMinJoe: My roses are dead
my violets are too
faded and rotting
just like you

Simulacron3: You be layin so still, no twitchin, no spasm.
But here it come baby, a real ectoplasm orgasm.

kthejoker: I don't mean to be rude,
but you're upsetting my groove
you harsh on my mood
every time that you move.

Excalibre: Roses are red
Or occasionally pink
Baby, I love you
But those maggots sure stink.

Aww, I love you guys. You're the best. I'd have sex with each and every one of your corpses.


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