I was in an office building, holding my cousins new born son (i meet him once, about a year ago).

Whenever i lifted him up the sun rose. Whenever i lowered him the sun set.

I thought this was strange and tried to bring it to the attention of cubical workers. They ignored me and seemed annoyed.

My supervisor was Pope Benedict XVI. I wanted to talk to him about this, but he was busy on the telephone.

I went back into the cubical farm to try my coworkers again. This time when i lifted him up/held him closer i realized everyone else was also holding a baby, very happily, and that they could not be distracted.

I went back to my supervisor, and asked his secretary for a meeting. Through his open door i could see he was still engaged, but that he had become angry and was arguing with the person on the other end.

I turned around to look back out into the cubical farm. I felt frustrated and lost. I looked at the baby in my arms and thought about how adorable babies are, and how i enjoyed holding him.

As i stared at his face it briefly transformed. It became vicious and terrifying.

I wanted to get away, to let go, but i couldn't because i still loved holding a baby.

Then i woke up.

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