I was riding in the car with someone when, all of a sudden, I just jumped out and ran into the woods. Whoever it was driving the car drove on. As I wandered deeper into the woods, the leaves turned to autumn colors even though it was summer.

Suddenly I saw a bunch of men in military camouflage uniforms running along a ridge in front of me. All of them were carrying spears. They didn't notice I was there. The ridge sloped downhill to my right toward a large metal hoop. As they ran down the hill, they started throwing their spears toward the hoop, as in some sort of target practice. A tiger then jumped out of a grove of trees behind the hoop. As if this was what they were training for, they started throwing their spears at the tiger, but they all missed, and the tiger ran through the hoop up to the ridge and started eating them alive.

I get the feeling that I should have been disturbed by this dream... but I wasn't. Instead I was amused by the absurdity of it all.