Interesting dream last night, at least for me...was in the army for some reason, but I wasn't really me, just someone similar to me. I was in basic training, but we didn't do much. Anyway, my troop was sitting on a long black stage in a field, which actually may have been encompossed by at least three walls. I was talking about a girl I left at home, wondering what she was doing.

A golden Camaro suddenly cam driving up the dirt road in the field, and I saw that my girlfrined was in it. She didn't look happy, and was in fact calling for me. It was being driven by some asshole guy that dosen't exsist outside of dreamland. It just zoomed up and began zooming away, and I was debating chashing it as my friends in my unit were telling me not to, becasue it was too dangerous. I decided to anyway, and somehow I was actually able to outpace this sports car. The car stopped and the asshole leaped out, and began thrwoing glass bottles at me, which all missed. We were running around, and I had my own glass bottle which I managed to smack him with, but it was too thick and just made a 'bonk' sound when it hit. Finally, I hit him hard enough that he fell over. He did get back up, but was dazed and still threatening me, so I pulled up his shirt and smashed his head against a brick wall. He then fell over and lay there, and said, "Ok, you win." My girlfriend, who was extraordinairly skinny, was happy, and asked to stay at the camp. I then woke up.

This is a bit different then any other dream I've had involving violence, as it is the first time I can remeber every doing anything violent in a dream and it actually having an effect, which includes one shooting someone in the back of the head at point blank range. I have no idea if this new dream is a good thing or a disturbing one.

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A well loved flying dream last night. My dream hillside was featured, so was the dream street and dream bookshop.

Normally a flying dream will consist of me discovering I can fly then not being able to reliably demonstrate it in front of people. Last night was different.

I found that by bending my arms slightly and pointing my hands down and outwards, my flying was much more reliable. A normally difficult thermal had suddenly become really easy to catch - there was hardly any mental effort to stay aloft.

I started to show off; I could pick people up with me, and both my passengers and I delighted in swoops and dives. The feeling of flight - the wind and lack of gravity - was very prevalent in this dream. The others and I discussed whether or not it would be safe to carry luggage when flying; we agreed (very seriously) that we would have to speak to police and politicians about it. I agreed to teach the best dream flyers my new technique. I worried a little that non-flyers would feel left out, and that we should give free rides.

I swooped low over woods, houses and hills. I discovered that I could fly equally well with my body either verticallly or horizontally. The rush of air and the feeling of speed and altitude made me sad when I landed again.

It was not the strongest feeling of flight I have had, but certainly the longest and most tangible. I was really feeling the dives in my stomach

Dream girl was in the dream; she could fly as well. We did not make love in this dream, although we did cuddle and smooch in midair.

I was married. We picked out tiny gold-coloured rings, and I lost mine within a day. I almost got a nice new silver ring, but decided not to, since my husband wasn't around to be involved. I was living in my parents' basement; my sister and I had swapped rooms. I was keeping my marriage secret for some reason. The floor was really messy. I was astounded at how quiet it was at night. Dad explained it was because I was used to my old room, where a telephone book was dropped off every night outside the window, while this room had no noisy deliveries.

Okay, I might as well jump into this dream logging stuff.

The part of last night's dream I can remember is rather short. I was talking with two people who in real life I'm not especially friends with, but in this dream they were friends, and I made some off-handed comment that I thought was semi-witty, to lighten up the conversation.

The conversation stopped dead, and one of the friends said in a condescending, sarcastic voice:

"FUNNY! Ha, ha, ha, ha... no."

The "ha"'s were punctuated, forced-out mockeries of actual laughter. The other "friend" joined in halfway through the "ha"'s. As my dream self became extremely embarrased, I remembered who these people were in real life, that they weren't actually my friends, and I woke up.

I'm usually pretty good at remembering my dreams, and I always seem to have some pretty strange ones.

Last night, my dream centered around being in this huge, gilded ballroom in some fancy hotel. It looked, honestly, like it should be straight out of Versailles or something. Anyway, I was standing in this ballroom with this guy, and a door on each wall of the room opened up simultaneously-- Out came these weirdly odd and graceful creatures. I call them creatures, only it seems that they were partly human, but then again, not quite. They remind me of those things in The Dark Crystal that look like they're walking on stilts-- these "people" were very tall, had shaggy gray hair, and were wearing wedding dresses with extremely long hoop skirts. These 4 "people" came out of each door, and swooped and swayed in some sort of slow-motion interpretive dance. When they got to the center of the room, they all looked up at the skylight above, and put their hands up over their faces to shield out the light coming in... And then I woke up... it's hard to explain, but this was just EERIE.

I dreamt that my wife, a severely disillusioned adult diaper heiress from Dallas, bore a son in the ruins of the Forum Romanum. This son immediately became a fatally charming, five foot tall Filipino man with a keen fashion sense cobbled from Soldier of Fortune magazines and late-night Cinemax movies. We loved him very much, but then the army came and took me and his mother away. My son was relocated to a monastery brewery in Germany where he spent his childhood and part of his adolescence as understudy to the assistant brewer monk while becoming passably fluent in Faroese thanks to an au pair that worked nearby.

I had only one moment of lucidity in my dreams last night and hamster_bong (and the rest of the e2 hamster mafia) is probably responsible. I was over at my buddies new place, and in the style of a dogs playing poker painting, he had a picture of stoner hamsters passing a tiny bong on his wall. He and his wife were arguing whether or not to leave it hanging. I then jolted awake, startled by a huge thunderclap.

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