I don't remember much from my dream last night, except for a few details: I was in the neighborhood I used to live in in St. Louis, Missouri, and among other random people standing in the middle of the street, smiling and waving at me were two people from my current school in Dallas, Texas, Kimble and Nick.

I then appear in Dave and Buster's, standing by a bar next to two old men, one my father, and an old black man I vaguely recognized. There was the noise of many people talking around us, and there were neon lights in the backround. The old black man said "you're not here for her, you are here for another girl" My father agreed. I have no idea who they meant, or what the dream as a whole meant, but I do know that this is the second vivid dream I have had since practising what is advised in A Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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