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To become a famous Everythingian. I'm not sure what I'll be famous for, but I've achieved my goal when people see a node by me and say "Oh yeah, he's the one who..." and the following word is not "sucks".
Noding the Geek Code as a possible way to achieve my mission drive within everything.
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."
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I've noded the Geek Code. My code below is fully linked to each of the Geek Code nodes.

Version: 3.1
GM/CS d- s:+ a--- C++(+++) UL P+>++ L++ E-(---) W++(-) N+ !o K++ w--- !O M@ V?
PS+(++) PE@ Y+>++ PGP t 5 X !R tv-() b++(+++) DI+ D- G>++ e>++* h! r y>+

You must read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as well as Sluggy Freelance.

My favorite nodes

I used to have my highest-ranked nodes here, but some unspectacular nodes keep getting upvoted for no apparent reason. :/
  1. Infinite Monkeys
  2. The Geek Code
  3. 1-800-257-1234
  4. Dream Log: February 16, 2001 (aka Rhapsody in Chess)
  5. The Truth Behind Doritos Flavors
  6. Be a problematic duck over there.
  7. negative baud (nostalgic value, in a way; this was my first long node. It was spread out across 3 nodes on E1.)
  8. Befunge
  9. Divisibility in base 12
  10. programs that don't compile