I saw Naked Lunch (the movie) when I was 15 or 16 or so. I can't recall who rented it. But there we were, watching Peter Weller (who was also in Robocop which is really about Christ and messiahs and things) in quite possibly the most fucked-up movie I have ever been privy to see.

I have not seen it since then (I am now 24 or something). Though at some point I do wish to see it again. And read the book Naked Lunch (the movie is not based on the book).

I remember a lot of bugs. And typewriters and insecticide that got you high and a lot of homosexual innuendo. And assholes that could talk.

In short, if you ever want to see this movie and you're the type of person that gets disturbed watching movies like Pi, then be sure to watch it with plenty of friends; make sure you're sober and not under any influences; and watch it with plenty of daylight. If you really get disturbed by movies like Sixth Sense (which is child's play comparitively), then be sure to schedule a good appointment with you're local clinical psychologist the following morning. And a chauffeur to get you there.