9:00 Am
Called the doctor, asked politely to get my letter for my medical withdrawal from FAU, ended up running around getting the other forms I need and calling the doctor no less than 12 times, still no letter. I’ve been trying for a week.
I didn’t get ANYTHING done in the way of my speeding ticket, that can wait though, I have to have all my stuff for my withdrawal in by Friday, or I don’t get my cash back. Sent in my application for the Art institute of Ft. Lauderdale too. Feels good to be mildly productive during the day.

4:00 Pm Read a few more chapters of, and noded Fingerprints of the gods, it is too good a book to be left un-noded.
I’ve been listening to Schism by Tool (their new one) pretty much exclusively the past few days, it seems to be a perfect counterpart to Forty Six and 2, well at least from my perspective. It seems to point toward a collective consciousness, wherein people would function together as a whole, rather than as separate units like they do now. I love it.

I know the pieces fit.

I’m also in the midst of cleaning my room, I’ve taken out 4 garbage bags already (big cleanup, both walk in closets need to shine), and I think I probably have another 2 to go. I have to run about 8 loads of laundry too, which is underway.

Plans for the rest of the day:
-Fill out the forms for my medical withdrawal
-Read for a few hours
-Install Debian on the recently-resurrected Pentium 166 that is literally duct taped together (the power button needs constant force on it or it turns off)
-If I feel up to it, I might go bowling with a few friends.