Currently, the only power awarded after Level 6 is cloaking yourself at Level 10. And that's not such a big deal, as any noder at any level can cloak emself. Here's one method:
  • Log in at, but log out at
  • Do most of your E2 browsing in Unless you create a fake identity, you'll have to endure e2 jukka theme bright settings, but this is the price you have to pay for pre-Level 10 cloaking.
  • When you want to sumbit a writeup, vote, or chat, switch to You will decloak into the Other Users nodelet for about three minutes.

Another way to cloak yourself is by ducking into another room. AFAIK, Other Users only displays the nicks of your fellow noders in the same room. If you're not Level 5, you can duck into the Political Asylum or another room, but anyone else in that room will see you. Once you make Level 5, you can circumvent this by creating a room for yourself. The drawback of this method is that you can still be found with Everything Finger and (unless you're also using the first method with a fake user) will not be able to watch the chatterbox.

edev says whenever you pull a page as yourself, cloaked or not, the "last seen" line in your homenode is updated.

<qousqous> But with the homenode picture now filled, I have much less of a carrot in front of me to level up

There need to be more powers. Some noders are getting the impression that Everything is just a MMORPG (it even shares the same first four letters with EverQuest) that they can beat by reaching Level 6 and getting the homenode picture; once they get their pic, they seem to lose the will to node. However, I've been told in Chatterbox that it would be a very bad idea to make Content Editors a level power. mblase adds that Page of Cool access for higher level noders, however, would be a good idea.

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