What use is it talking about the theory behind thaumaturgy without practice?

This is perhaps the first spell I came up with, before I even knew what it was or what I was doing. It works based on the Somebody Else's Problem field from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, combined with the basics of shielding oneself. Later, I came up with a version that works with animal totemism

Basically, it's a spell to hide oneself, or something, from view. It doesn't make you invisible or cloaked in the classic sense -- rather, people just won't notice you.


  1. Focus on the nature of the Somebody Else's Problem Field. Alternatively, if you're inclined in the totemism direction, meditate on the nature of Fox, who remains hidden.
  2. Visualize the field/power of Fox forming like a bubble around you, or if you're in a group/hiding an object, around whatever is being made to disappear.
  3. To keep the field at full strength may require concentration, particularly when first trying this spell -- repeating the phrase "You don't see me" to yourself helps.
  4. To drop the spell, mentally dissipate it, center yourself, or do something that people will notice (see below).
As above, so below: (this phrase is often used for mundane actions that will help the spell/things you need to not do.)
  • The more important it is for it to be somebody's problem, the more trouble you'll have -- a random passerby is much less difficult for this to work on than a security guard. Practice makes perfect.
  • It helps if you don't do anything that would make you somebody's problem. Act like you know where you're going if you're sneaking around, that you belong there, that they can ignore you and it will be okay.
  • Do not, I repeat, do not make eye contact. That's asking to be somebody's problem.
  • You might think it's a good idea to do it to your car, so that the police won't notice you. This is a bad idea, because other drivers will not notice you, and might turn in front of you/try to change lanes into your car/etc.

If you have questions, feel free to /msg me. Medea's Chariot, a pagan resource website, has a different version of this spell (with comments from me) at http://Nexus.MNIC.Net/~rajchd/spells/invis.htm

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