I too, am blessed with the July 9th b-day. I got smashed last night and had to go to a goddamn dentist this morning, all beat down and whatnot. Not what i had planned.
Im 20.
One of my friends(?) organized a party for me yesterday, all my good friends, and she was supposed to pick me up at 3, because my car was in the shop. She told me she was on her way.

And the dumb little bitch didn't get me. She just didn't show up. All my friends had barbecue, cake, and whatnot, without the fucking person whose birthday it was.
This girl fucking pissed me off.
Now im the asshole who doesn't show up to his own birthday party.
She told everyone there that i told her i didn't want to come, which is a blatant lie. I don't know what to make of it.

Plans for the day:
- Go out to dinner with the family for the b-day celebration.
- Begin debauchery, mayhem and other wild antics which may ensue on one's B-day.
- I could definetly use some tail....

Happy birthday to all other july 9thers, always remember that Cancers rule the world...

Update: Birthdays are useless. 2 people called me today, thassit, meaning the majority of the people i know basicly said "fuck you", well. thats how i see it anyway...Drink and sleep.