Well so far today has been relativly uneventful. It's also 11:00AM. Oh well.

Watched the last of eyes wide shut around 1:00am, hit the sack around 2ish. Slept until 10 (ick, just over 8hrs. of sleep!). That is a midly disturbing movie. Next on the list is A Clockwork Orange. Woke up with one of those headaches you get when you sleep too much.

Today i plan to mow the back lawn, had to stop yesterday because a peice of something got into my dust mask and caused a good ole fashioned choking fit and asthma attack. Oh well. Also want to have my girlfriend up here, and sit her down to watch The Shining. She hasn't seen that movie, and i'm afraid i may have to strap her to a chair and force her to watch it. Fun Stuff.