Well, kajerm and I are getting totally psyched about our school trip to France, which starts on Wednesday. We'll be gone for about three weeks, but we'll be sure to node all the crazy stuff we find over there. Last time I lived in France, I found something called "Yop" which was potable yogurt.

Anyways, I can't wait to go, but I need this bout od poison ivy to clear up before I leave. This all happened last week when Matticus8, kajerm and I decided that it would be a good idea to go trail-blazing through the most heavily over-grown portion of the woods while wearing shorts and t-shirts. Alas and alack, because we are all itching like crazy now. This however, did not prevent us (along with fishbulb_10) to have an amazing time at the Dispatch concert on Friday, June 15. They gave an outstanding performance, and Pete Heimbold sported a shiny, silver suit that was just hilarious. They also announced that they will be releasing a live album this fall, and they want their fans to e-mail them with suggestions.

So now I'm going to the doctor to try and shake this poison ivy thing before the trip, and I just know that it won't clear up in time. Also, my computer's been connectiong really slowly these past few days, so I didn't get to node the various things that I had intended to node (and have now forgotten). Oh well, at least it stopped pouring outside. The weather had been miserable earlier this week, but it's delightful outside right now.