Pete Heimbold is one of the three band members for the undergorund jam-band, Dispatch. Although the members frequently swap instruments on stage, "Repete"(his stage name) plays the bass guitar for the most part. Although he can certainly wail on the guitar as he proved in his fiery rendition of a Led Zeppelin riff during the April 7th concert at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

He is responsible for such lyrics as "green river flows like grass melting. Later it will run black down its track into an ocean."

He has also written one of Dispatch's more popular songs, "Elias." This rousing song was recorded live in the studio, and the incredible tabla drum work sets the tone for the introduction which is done in a traditional African dialect, which Pete learned to speak when he was doing service work in Africa. It was on this same trip that he met a boy named "Elias", after whom the song is named.

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