Today (being the Monday of this particular week) will be the day that I set out to put a down payment on my soon-to-be existing computer. I think it's rather a good deal, the entire rig will cost me $1270 CDN, or $1460 with tax, ahd I merely need to put a pittance, $450 down, in order for him to build it. He being Mr. Rieger, of Apex Computers. The reasons for me paying for someone else to build a system are threefold. One, it's much faster than if I were to catch the bus around town, tracking down the places which I have listed as having the cheapest parts. Two, it's cheaper overall, since I'd be paying approximately ten dollars a day on fare, finding parts by bus. And three, Mr. Rieger generously gives a one year warranty on parts and labour, in addition to those pertaining to the manufacturer's.

The reason I set this down now, December 8, 2000, is because I have been awake for the last two and a half days working on a secret project, and I believe I will now sleep through the weekend.

Wait, I will wish a happy birthday to Shanoyu. I don't really know you, but you are a fellow E2'er, and you took the time to announce your birthday, so I shall take the time to congratulate you.

Ah, as an addendum, I shall attach the specs for the system in question as requested by, 'you know who you are'.

AMD Duron 700

Gigabyte 7ZX Socket A Mainboard
w/ integrated Creative Labs SoundBlaster PCI128 (4-channel, CT5880 chip)

128M PC133 SDRAM

2x Quantum LM Plus 20G Hard Drive @ 7200 rpm

Video Excel GeForce2 MX 32M AGP

AOpen 48x CDROM

56k v.90 Motorola SoftModem (or PC-Tel AMR riser)
 - this I shall be replacing with DSL, when the time is right.

Linskey 10/100 PCI Ethernet Controller

Liteon Internet Keyboard

Mitsumi Scroll Mouse

MidiLand MLi 747 5-piece Subwoofer/Satelllite Set (40W total)

17" ATX Case w/ 300W Power Supply

17" Samsung 750s (.24 H)

I should like to purchase a CDR drive as well, but in that respect my finances are lacking.