Woke up ill. Again.
Called into work, to let them know that I won't be comming in today either.

Took the puppy to the vet today to get her "fixed." That go me to thing, how do dogs know when they are going to the vet? We take her every where, and she allways rides in the car fine. Sits on the wifes lap and looks out the window. But today, she would not come out from under the couch, and once I moved the couch three times, shook all the way to the vet. Strange.

Any way, I am supposed to be putting togther a paper on Quadruple Flats for the theater I work at. They wanted it for their class today, but the illness got me. I suppose I will have to write that up tonight and take it in 'morrow even if I am drowsy and feel like curling up into a little ball on the couch.

Well, I suppose I have my daily fix of E2 (better than coffee), so off to bed with me.