Some young white people today find it shameful to be white and part of the "oppressive majority". "The white heritage is one of slavery, oppression and exploitation!", so they say.

As a Chinese person, whose country was brutally oppressed by a not one, not two, but an entire coalition of white nations for decades before World War II, I feel no hatred against the white race. In fact, since many whites I talk to today are so brainwashed that they actually believe that their own heritage is one of brutality and atrocities, I guess I should tell them a bit about the achievements of their own race. Yep, the yellow man is here to tell you about the good things the white man has done!

I'm sure there are more. And I'm not saying that the white man is wholly responsible for all those achievements, but they did play a big part in them. In addition, whites have caused plenty of havoc and chaos as well, but why keep focusing on those and ignoring the good things they've done? Why? It's a shame to be white?

Every time I hear someone say there is no white heritage to celebrate, I have to laugh.

Don't call me white..... The connotations are wearing my nuts thin.

Does it mean I have to take such shit for, for being fair-skinned now! I ain't part of no conspiracy, I'm just an average Joe!"


And to think, I'm not even white. I can write for days on the things we Chinese can be proud of, and all these white kids think it's a shame to be white. Political correctness once again.

No, robwicks. Sometimes, this trend is so extreme, people are ashamed to be white. Case in point. Read white pride is hateful, black pride is not. Note how Saige and prole are saying how whites have nothing to celebrate. Thank God there were sensible souls to counter their brainless ramble, like Uberfetus, ophie, Woundweavr and even moJoe.