The web site is a sad testimony to what irresponsible parents can do to their children. The young webmaster does not know any better. Being home schooled, he takes all the nonsense his parents teach him about Hitler being a great hero, etc, as historical facts.

He says to those who send him dissenting email, "I am only eleven years old and I really do not need your hateful thoughts in my head." Apparently, he is completely unaware that his head already is filled with hateful thoughts, and is most likely to remain so for the rest of his life.

Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad!!!

I don't really think this was written by an eleven year old. An eleven year old could pick up some of the White Pride terminology from his enviroment, but the overall diction and tone suggest, to me anyway, that it was written by an adult, and that the spelling and grammatical mistakes were intentionally inserted to decieve. (Yes, I could make a joke here about "maybe there weren't intentionally placed..." but I think that'd be sinking to their level, and not in the least helping them change their hearts/minds. You've got to remember that some of these people are only kids, can you really blame them for what they believe? No one questions their parents at that age, esspecially if they are isolated from other viewpoints. Insulting them won't help.)

For example:

"Therefore, I think that now is the time that all of the white people across the globe should rise above the lies and be proud of who we are. To take back our freedom and win for all to see our heritage in its greatest glory."

"Yet, lately I have been getting very, vile messages, with subjects varying from mutilating the white race, to stomping my brains in."

What eleven year old uses transitions? What eleven year old uses words like "vile", "varying", "mutilating"?

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