I know more than my share of lonely people. I'm one of them. Lonely for attention, lonely to be engaged in conversation or coaxed into someone else's life for a change. Not necessarily lonely for a relationship, either. Some people have done better than others to cope with it. I don't know which is worse, to put up a front of strength or to admit just how lonely you are and allow yourself to fall into a big jelly pile on the floor every now and then.

But other people can tell, so it doesn't really matter. Your eagerness to be included is clearly visible, and you're not likely fooling anyone. What is even worse is when you hide yourself or parts of yourself from other people and they know what's really going on, they know that it's just your way of coping but they sometimes wish you'd just be open and honest with them. Then maybe they'd be more interested in involving you.

I am realizing that just because I share that problem of loneliness with someone else, that does not mean we are the best thing for one another. And that kind of sucks, because you'd think the person who would understand loneliness the best is another lonely person. But often, as with any affliction, two weak people do not create strength.

It's like two leeches sucking each other off. There's no blood.

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