Of course it can be a bad thing.

You obviously misinteprete my nodes Saige. At no point did I suggest that things should stay stagnant and we shouldn't try to change anything at all. Nor did I say that we should start war. It is beyond me how you came to those conclusions.

Idealism has often been way overextended, without regard for reason or logic, for the sake of the "benefit of the world". A prime example? Marxism. Look at the chaos it caused. Millions of lives, lost, because Marx and Engels were over-idealistic and some morons decided to corrupt their theories for their own ends.

Idealism is all good, within reason. When you start advocating a wealth cap to save the poor people (see Huey Long), or allow idiocy like political correctness (for a good example, see white pride is hateful, black pride is not), to leech into mainstream America, then something seriously wrong has occured with the initial idealism, having been warped and corrupted into something far worse.