In academic philosophy, the idea that ideas or abstract qualities are the most real thing, and that physical reality is less real (being an illusion or a reflection of the true world of ideas). The philosopher Plato is the most famous idealist in history, and his Theory of Forms inspired much of subsequent idealism. Contrast materialism.

Other famous idealists include Hegel and George Berkeley (pronounced barkly). There are many types of idealism, though it is often used as a euphemism to refer to any belief that rejects the typical (i.e., physical) basis for reality. It is often assumed that an idealist rejects the idea of objective reality. Possibly this is because many confuse George Berkeley's esse est percipi with a rejection of objective existence.

We are all aware that the senses can be deceived, the eyes fooled. But how can we be sure our senses are not being deceived at any particular time, or even all the time? Might I just be a brain in a tank somewhere, tricked all my life into believing in the events of this world by some insane computer? And does my life gain or lose meaning based on my reaction to such solipsism? -- Project PYRRHO, Specimen 46, Vat 7
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There are no facts, only interpretations. -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Ideas and thoughts are the only things that can be directly experienced. All you know about the world consists of memories of experiences.

It's very much the same as being unsure if you're dreaming. How do you know you're not asleep?

It's a monistic view (As opposed to dualistic) and the oposite of materialism (also monistic).

Historical note

Idealism is an ontological conception that originates from Plato, because he was the first to give the word idea a metaphysical meaning. Neoplatonism (cf. Plotinus) is also idealistic since the neoplatonistic One was conceived as a spirit of the other side. The philosophy of Christianity is also a type of idealism since Christian God is spiritual and it is conceived as a double causality (causa efficiens and causa finalis).

There are three basic forms of idealism in the history of philosophy:

as a child of three
i guess i was
drunk on the peach-sorbet sunrise;
a promise of light
(and i knew then that promises equaled
dreams come true)

so my first morning rainfall
was millions of diamonds
crystals clear as happiness
singing nonchalantly
as they twirled to embrace the
silvery expectant air

so imagine my black anger
when i reached out to capture
these precious pearls of perfection
and they dissolved
they vanished
in my bewildered hand

well i know now
that diamonds drop to dust
and sunrise falls to
dreary day
and some promises vanish
like tears into a lake

... but i wonder why
i still
will always love rain

In the context of international relations, idealism is the belief that history consists of long periods of peace interrupted by war, and that war is a defect in a system where the natural state is peace. This is in sharp contrast to political realism (or realpolitik in the words of Kissinger), which sees war as a straightforward mechanism for the settling of power struggles between states. Jean Bodin and Hugo Grotius were the first political philosophers to define and explore this belief, way back in the late 1500's and early 1600's.

Idealism reached its vogue after World War I, when thinkers like Woodrow Wilson argued that the Great War should be a "war to end all wars." The League of Nations, with its collective security provisions, was one of the main outputs of this time, and its ultimate failure to stop the rise of the Third Reich and Japanese Empire led to idealism losing its charm in the 1930's.

Idealism was more or less dead well through the Cold War, and only came back into serious discourse after the fall of the USSR, when ethnic cleansing and famine in many parts of the world made some theorists lose their belief in global themonuclear war as a passable way to settle disputes.

Today, realists believe that a state should keep itself isolated from conflicts in which its national interests are not directly threatened. Idealists, on the other hand, believe that the defense of human rights is the responsibility of all states. The modern United Nations is a good example of idealism in action: the United States of America has swayed toward idealistic action at times, but is primarily a realist actor.

Idealist thinkers consider realism to be morbid and cynical. Idealism is not a united school of thought but is rather a term used to describe the general outlook of liberals, federalists, institutionalists, pacifists, and others. Writers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Mohandas Ghandi, and Woodrow Wilson are considered idealistic. They saw politics as the art of good government, rather than the anarchical power battle envisioned by realists. Idealists think that good political leaders should do what is just, making this an inherently normative doctrine.

Idealists disagree with the idea that conflict and power politics are inevitable or a fundamental part of human nature. They believe in the principle of obedience to legitimate rule and respect for human beings. Another fundamental idealist concept is the changeable nature of human behaviour. Rather than being condemned to violence and strife, they see man as capable of living co-operatively in peace. Incremental change and compromise are possible. Idealist, and especially liberal, theorists focus on the mutual benefits that arise from interdependence and reciprocity.

Assumptions behind idealist thought include:
1. Humans are capable of being co-operative and altruistic.
2. A fundamental human concern for the welfare of others makes progress possible.
3. International relations are not purely dominated by self-interest and power.
4. Bad behaviour is not the product of a wicked human nature, but rather of institutions and structural arrangements which motivate people to act that way.
5. War is not inevitable.
6. War and injustice are international problems that require collective, multilateral action.
7. International security can arise from a re-organisation of international institutions.
8. Win-win scenarios are possible: politics is not a zero sum game.
An Inner Mind
~by Stewie2kill

Before we get started allow me to remind you that what will transpire within the confines of this article are purely and respectively my views alone; not yours. If you find yourself disagreeing with me or becoming angry at any point in the logical existence of time please restrain yourself to either an intellectual interpretation of your own or withhold your protests for those that will either listen to you and your beliefs or withhold your protests altogether.

The confines of this article refer to things that one may not usually know about me and the universe as perceived by me. This article contains many things pertaining to my perception of many religious disputes and topics which may include (but are not limited to): The Wrath of God, The accuracy of the bible, the existence of spirits, and sexuality. If these topics are ones that you either find disinteresting, disgusting, and/or outrageous within your own beliefs, then I encourage you to not partake in the information to which I will unveil to you here.

Remember that you are the only one who can exact your elasticity for respect and intellectual openness. If you find yourself unable to do so, do not try and tell/yell at me, rather partake of your own freedoms as a member of mankind and browse elsewhere for things which may interest you and satisfy your taste a little more than my words...


Within the confines of humanity there lies a great distrust as of late. A distrust which brews fear in the hearts of man, anger within the soul, and violence within the physicality's of time. Many times these feelings are powered by emotions which one cannot presume to understand merely by the knowing and acknowledgment of their existence. Sometimes one my step outside of the world's realm in order to reflect upon the way it's inner workings run. So what stabilizes our earth? What allows us to continue living in freedom? The answers you seek however are complex and as such hard to word specifically.
s a great distrust as of late. A distrust which brews fear in the hearts of man, anger within the soul, and viol
In truth, there isn't much that allows me to greatly express to you what really does fuel the economy of todays world. This limits me, and as such may find it hard to accurately express to you how and why. The truth is that what really allows our world to continue running is physics, patterns, and human emotion. But wait-didn't I just say that this world was in fact crumbling because of human emotions? Yes, I did, however they are not the same emotions directly that contribute to the earths physical existence. The emotions of which I speak are Truth, Love, Trust, Peace, Understanding, and Welfare. Without an ample mixture of these human emotions the world's economy and population would be dead within weeks, if not days. True, hate, distrust, anger, and misunderstanding, also help to break apart things that need re-stabilizing, but without the essentials of man's own emotions, this world would not live.

Imagine our world as a wall of bricks. Each brick represents a person who lives upon this earth. In order to be stable, this wall must have a certain amount of bricks that are either strong or intact. Now, imagine that the emotions of hate, anger, distrust, and misunderstanding are forces that, when applied to one of these bricks, will crack it. This is true for most of humanity, because the common human psyche will be crushed under a certain amount of tension and frustration. When a brick is cracked it must be re-stabilized in order for the wall to maintain it's integrity. Now imagine that the positive emotions of Truth, Love, Trust, Peace, Understanding, and Welfare are mortar and glue. When one of these bricks is crushed and needs re-stabilization, the mortar and glue stick it back together. In truth this is also applicable to modern day humanity. when you feel down, the only thing that perks you up is something positive. This repairs your crack, and thus you become part of the bricks that stabilize the wall and keep it from tumbling to the ground. But powers and forces usually need things to apply them. In this respect I have to say that basically what I am trying to convey to you is that without a tube of glue, there can be no glue to fill in the cracks, and without a tub of mortar there can be no mortar to re-stick a brick to it's foundation and/or a new location. So how does the tube of glue and tub of mortar get applied to a broken brick? Well there needs to be someone to climb up to the broken brick and apply the glue and mortar. Those people are representative of the people who help to make you feel better. All to often though, the only thing that applies those emotions to you, is another brick who becomes a repairmen for the bricks that are around them only.

Look at the wall now. There are a few sections where holes are forming and cracks extend from the surfaces to all the surrounding bricks. This is representative of what happens when there is no full-time repairmen. The helper bricks crumble and blend in with the other bricks in the midst of the blast that occurs from the vibrations produced by negative emotions. So while cracks occasionally help to re-stabilize and strengthen the bricks, an un-necessary amount of such emotions can produce something in resemblance to an earthquake or a bomb blast, and knock thousands of bricks from their place. So who can fix a hole that big which is beginning to visibly de-stabilize the wall? Full-time repairmen is the answer. These are representative of Missionaries, Wise Teachers, Psychologists, Counselors, and People who spread a common sense of positive emotions wherever they go. These people work upon the wall without credit, and go unknown and un-noticed to the bricks surrounding the hole. however each of the new bricks is stronger, because of the builder.

Think if you will, what might happen if these people were to suddenly disappear and the cracks extending from the holes grew, wiping out more bricks and more and more mortar. Within a very little amount of time the wall would fall, and each brick would lose it's place and the physical wall would cease to exist. So, now, imagine now, a world without the seemingly small people. What kind of world do you think we would currently be living in? Do you think you would still be living even? Do you believe that because you have a small amount of glue and new mortar that you, alone, with few others could hold a wall that big, by yourself? The answer is no, and even if you answered yes, it is still no, simply because karma and physics dictate that without a base and without an ample amount of stabilization, a structure would fall, crumble to the ground.

Deception and innocence are things that go hand in hand on a daily basis. They are like a disease within a tree, and they kill bricks and crumble sections within days; the longer the deception the more it kills and destroys. Deception takes many forms, not always within the form of a knowingly untrue piece of information. Sometimes one can deceive another without even knowing it, simply because he/she has not taken the time to examine their surroundings and the knowledge within it. To this I examine what may be found to be the greatest flaw within the structures of time and space we have built to suite our needs. This flaw is called sight. Not the actual eyes that you see with, but what your mind perceives when it witnesses and event, object, or person. Originally sight registered one of these things within the brain and then proceeded to label it as a blank sheet, filling it with information and filing it after said information has been registered. This was a plan of pure perfection and one that humanity operated upon for many years, however long ago, we began a different process, one that has grown more complex and more a default these days, a default built in by the surroundings of one from birth to death. This default automatically fills in a said blank sheet with perceived information about a sight which is often untrue. Fore example, operating upon the older and more correct basis of observation, one might take in the sight of a rock. The older way would have your mind title a document entitled 'rock' which would then leave a blank space for you to write in things. Now you talk to the rock and it says nothing back. You write in 'unable to communicate via language'. Now you touch the rock and write down what you feel and in detail. You repeat these observations of the rock and soon a page is filled. You would then file the rock under one of the humanly categories of 'Dislike', 'Hate', 'Destroy', 'Threatening', 'Like', 'Love', 'Help', or 'Create'. Now these categories could be endless, so I chose to list the one which are most immediate to the known human conscious. The following actions you take will be based upon where you file your paper.

Now, Operating upon todays method we shall examine what the mind does when it encounters the rock. Upon sight of the rock the mind registers a file under the same title of 'rock' and before ever 'truly' observing the rock at all, it writes in: 'unable to talk', 'hard', 'located within the mountains', and 'greatly dislikes people due to growing death rate related to people jumping off of rock faces'. After writing these things down without ever laying eyes upon the rock again, the mind categorizes it under an applicable category based on it's supposedly 'logical' observations, even though it never truly 'observed' the rock at all.

Most people call this process bias; I, however, find it hard to label it as much of anything other than ignorant classification. Without touching the rock, how do you know it's hard? without talking to the rock how do you know that it doesn't talk? It doesn't talk because it's a non-conscious object right? The truth is that you have no clue, you are simply operating under the assumption of perceived knowledge that has been stored away before seeing the rock. The same is true of the way most-if not all people these days- classify another being based upon sight. By doing this they ignorantly assume that someone is what they think they are, and as thus take actions based upon something that they believe is true, even though they have never taken the steps to truly 'observe' that being, to truly 'see' that person.

By doing this we cause unnecessary hate which can cause the crumbling of one of the bricks within the wall, and unconsciously spread deception. We may not always be aware of our deception, simply because we are not always aware of our ignorant classifications. I think that one may truly find, that if they talk to a person and connect line from yourself to that person or even create temporary lines within yourself to connect with that person, you may find that they are far more than you had previously believe them to be and may even find you re-classifying them as a different thing than you had previously classified them as. The creation of temporary lines, as mentioned previously, is actually a representation of openness. Those that find themselves unable to create temporary lines, may find themselves often disagreeing with people and becoming strict within their own ways. This can also cause you to become ignorant of the world around you, as you learn nothing new unless it fits perfectly with what you believe in the beginning. Learning takes place when the mind becomes open to the possibility of new ideas. The learning process never ceases for the world and the dimensions surrounding it are also changing. When I say dimensions, what I am referring to is my perception of the spiritual realm, the realm of heaven, the realm of hell, and the realm of alternation, a name to which I assigned to the constantly flowing emotions and electrical charges which people give off and unknowingly read and perceive.

In conclusion, I have to say that I honestly cannot say how we may fix the deceptions and the constantly breaking bricks which de-stabilize our economy and our earth. All I can say, is that it seems as though it would be applicable and have a positive outcome, if more 24/7 repairmen were to be created, if more people were to help others and keep an open mind. If we were to all stop our ignorant filling in of a blank file without ever even examining thoroughly the subject in question based on more than queer and un-applicable derivations, then we may find that we can eliminate the un-necessary negativity within this world, and thus re-structure some of the processes which are greatly influencing the downfall and the crumbling of the wall; sometimes without ever knowing that they themselves are the subjects in question when pertaining to the word of deception.


While the topic seems to be one of fear and legitimate angst as of late, I feel as though it is truly nothing more than a set of misunderstandings. Perception of the realm of Heaven and Hell is often derived simply upon translations of texts found within the holes of caves in far-off and desolate countries. While I am not saying that the Bible (or any other biblical collection of texts and morals) is untrue and that there is nothing to be learned from it (quite the contrary in point of fact), I am saying that it is more than humanly possible for there to be mistakes; mistakes that are obvious if we only remove the barrier of 'The Bible can never be wrong';something that is planted within our heads during the early stages of childhood. The truth is that (I am using the Bible as reference because it connects with my religion best and it is usually the most misinterpreted and mis-preached) the Bible is just like any other translated block of texts which enter our eyes and ears. All of the sights which enter your eyes and all of the sounds that enter them are filtered through a source which deems them either 'appropriate' for general consumption, or 'inappropriate'. The most common form of the bible is the King James version. Now this means that the advisor's for and King James himself approved and picked out from a huge selection of biblical texts, what they deemed to be appropriate and 'best' for public consumption. Also while the translations are at best accurate, they are not perfect. The Bible was written by humans interpreting the visions and powers of God, which spells out mis-interpretation in in itself. It was also translated by humans thousands of years later.

Think. Within several thousand years don't you think that indirectly, if not directly, words within the language may change? Look at our language. English is not that old and already it has been changed and added to greatly. We just added and acknowledged the existence of the word 'aint' and the words 'gay' and 'queer', which used to mean 'happy' and 'weird', have now both come to stand for nothing but a description for homosexuality and acts pertaining to it. So is it impossible for another language to have the same thing happen to it, 'just because the Bible is written within it's language'? Of course not. So when we interpret words which have already been awkwardly placed and worded, we find ourselves at a bit of a standstill. Yet still people go so far as to preach that the 'end of the world' will be done by locusts and will take place during the evening just because that is what we translated it as is completely false. I have even heard of a man going so far as to denote the fact that one of the words in the Bible was 'past tense'. Do you think that interpretations of such a complex language, are going to completely narrow something down to the exact tense? Do you really think still that you can literally interpret the Bible's texts at first glance? If so then please allow me to add on to my explanations.

Allow me to start off by saying that heaven exists. It sounds crazy to believe that I have been shown what it looks like and what it feels like, so allow me to re-phrase it as such. I have spoken with God personally, and have asked him before what it was like. Because I asked I was shown nothing but a small glimpse of the place. I was shown nothing more than a short glimpse because I cannot see the interior without dying, an obvious standard, simply because the human mind cannot see heaven because it's walls are created from colors, objects, and emotions that we cannot perceive. I know again, that it sounds as though I'm crazy, but think to yourself, is it really that crazy? People preach to you 'ask and you shall receive', so why should this not be applicable to a message from God, after all you believe in the story of moses and the scriptures of Revelation right? Both of those were interpretations from god and one of those, Revelation, was a witnessed event granted by God.

While I am no saint, and far from a traveling preacher, I asked and was shown as much as I could perceive or cared to perceive. Thus I can say that Heaven truly exists.

Hell, however, is far from fire and brimstone. It is not a place, or so I am told, where you are consciously aware of the fact that you are writhing in flames. In point of fact I have reason to believe that hell is actually far from hot. Hell was interpreted as having fire when the book 'Dante's Inferno' was published. This book was published as a fictional piece of literature, but because it dealt with Religion and was published during Mid evil times, people took it to heart and began to believe in a Fiery inferno of Hell.

The earliest known interpretation of the realm of Hell is actually one in which Satan is Iced over because he is so far from God's light that Ice rules over the realm. I have been taught and fully believe that Hell is actually a place where you re-live and live your worst experiences and your worst fears, and are unconsciously tortured by demons. However the terms surrounding the entrance to either realm seem to be full of judgmental practices and un-emotional rules. But wait, God is supposed to be forgiving and loving right? Indeed, the being known as God by most is actually the most forgiving being you shall ever encounter within your life. The interpretation of his wrath has wrongly been interpreted as 'hate', which most will not own up to as being truth. Those that preach literal translations of Biblical texts and believe the nonsensical interpretation of a hypocritical being are usually referred to as Evangelicals. Personally I dislike evangelicals, but the truth is that not all are bad, in fact a lot have a true place in God's realm.

The truth is that God is loving and forgiving. The misinterpreted emotion of Wrath is actually, when examined closer while being felt in a true sense, far more complex. When examining said feeling of 'God's Wrath' I have found that it takes a familiar form in many things that give us chills in life. The realistic sense is that this 'Wrath' is actually a sense of respect and a truthful understanding of your place and purpose in life. It is also the understanding of what happens if you were to disturb that cycle and that truth. This is where we interpret hate from. We mistook a sense of respectable fear for the consequences of disturbing a natural cycle for a sense of anger towards humanity. God is actually quite happy, and very forgiving. Often you will hear the Evangelicals preach of an 'Angry' God. I believe, that while it is a possibility and even a practicality for God to feel such emotions, he chooses not to, simply because it is not truly right. Hate is a human emotion used when describing a threat and/or incompatibility which is possibly dangerous. If God is forgiving and living to us in life, then he does not simply throw out those things and look at us with the cold eyes of a judicial judge when allowing the passing into heaven. God looks at us with the same loving face and the same loving heart in death as he does in life. He is not a being to be necessarily 'feared' as much as respected. Again, the fear is what you should attain when you think about the consequences for disturbing a natural cycle.

This natural cycle brings me to a conclusion in life. That most of the rules and things that you find in the Bible, while usually harmless to follow within your own life, are usually harmful when forcing others into accepting them. Truthfully I believe that it is hard for one to gain entrance into Hell if he/she has a love and respect for the lord within their heart. I believe that the kinder and more kindred you are to your brethren, the better a chance you have of entering heaven. This brings me to a conclusion of sorts when dealing with laws and rules set aside by the Bible. If you will, look at the laws set aside which pertain to treating others kindly and with respect and love, then look at the laws which pertain to you and your own body and your own life. The one's set aside, dealing with treating others kindly have a far better chance of being applicable judgments than the one's pertaining only to yourself and your life.

Here's where we introduce the long disputed topic of Homosexuality. Why this is the most disputed rule broken I have no clue, but I feel as though it has not only been mis-understood but that it may also be un-necessary when applying it to beings who have strong emotions and feelings for another. Recently I have heard that 'science' has found the 'un-natural' genetic 'mutation' which 'supposedly' harbors homosexuality. Personally, there are few ways to appropriately express the way I responded when I heard this news. Think for a moment. If it's in genes, then isn't it natural anyways? In the sense of natural being normal then I suppose it might be accessed as a no, but when it is applied to the actual meaning of 'natural' then yes, it is natural. Gene's change and form within a baby naturally, but when we try and inject some shot that supposedly keeps a baby from being homosexual, we suddenly change it to being un-natural. If that baby was going to be homosexual then you just altered it's future without it's expressed consent and as such you have, in all respective sense, killed that babies proper and intended future.

Homosexuality is natural and is not an unforgivable sin. While I might not be able to say that, without a doubt 100% it is not a sin, I can comfortably say that with the sensible God at hand, it completely screws the sensibility of the situation at hand when you add in something that doesn't really make sense. So would God damn you to hell with the loving eyes of a father and the forgiving eyes of forgiveness itself simply for the truthfully natural emotion of love manifesting itself inside of another being that has the same things as you? No, sensibly and honestly he wouldn't. Does homosexuality hurt anyone when it is applied to a loving relationship? No, what does hurt people however is the hate that boils from those who disapprove and will not see past the literal interpretations of the Bible. Truly, even the hate itself doesn't hurt people, what does is the violence which occurs as a result. The violence and un-acceptance of such things are proof that homosexuality itself is not the truly horrible sin, but the violence and hate towards our brethren and kin is the truly judgmentally worthy sin. I say worthy because it is a word I feel like using, It, in a actuality, may not be worthy or deserving in the eyes of our father, but to me I feel as though it should be. But just because I feel as though something should be does not mean that it is, otherwise I am no different than that of which I am trying to stop.

I suppose that what I am trying to convey is that God forgives most, if not all of what we do, and so their are few ways to gain entrance into the realm of Hell and many take a lot of will power on your human behalf. So basically, as long as you have a kind heart and an openness for the good will and the welfare of your kin, your brethren, and those that you meet, you shall suffer little if any when being accepted into the afterlife. Please remember that we, as humans, with our little blocks of text and our stone statues of statutes and codes, no very little of beyond, and nothing of everything. You truly become wise, I believe, when you realize at last that you know little if nothing, and you seek more knowledge, and follow a different path of winding roads.

Remember that those upon the right path suffer lots of pain because their will is being tested for integrity and their minds being tested for the worthiness to spread an accurate message. Those that suffer little if none or have suffered little if none, may need to examine closely the intricacy of their beliefs and the straightness of their own path, as well as the foliage along the way...


One may note, that when one steps back and looks at the network of friends in their life, we see either very little networking a quite a lot of troubles. Allow me to say that their was once a time when I felt the same way, but upon further inspection of the intricacy of words and the delicacy of the soul I have found that there are often many reasons for the troubles within one's social networks. Often one may find that the usual root of one's trouble is situated within man-made things. The most often referred to things are Money and Relationships. While I realize that relationships are not man-made, I have to say that the intricacies and delicate fabrics of compatibility that we put ourselves in is indeed man-made, even if we make them based upon natural emotions, feelings, and instincts.

Many seem to think that in order to cure the rip within the fabrics of their life, they require love from someone. Often this is far from true simply because a relationship sought out because of despair is one in which only one is compatible and the other merely suffers or seeks to continue to torture the other seeking relief for self amusement. I have seen more and more people these days seek to sure their troubles in their lives and within their minds by seeking out love from someone. It seems almost as if it is a more dangerous thing than addiction in itself, and often it can cause death on behalf of one or both of the partners involved. Love is intricate and not so easily found and as such one cannot simply find the love of their life by seeking it in the nearest person. One may argue that they feel certain emotions for a person which is described as being overpowering and/or intoxicating. The truth is, is that most often this is a lie caused by our desperate minds, seeking some form of relief within the confines of reality.

However, if you will, when one releases his or her mind from the chains which bind us to this physical realm, we may be able to find other, more practical solutions for our pains and woes. Imagine everyone in chains, only allowed to move where they are told or within areas that they are compatible with. This is a representation of humanity; a chained up prison yard. However, if one releases and surrenders his/her mind to the possibility of other things that may not necessarily be physical, he/she may find a whole new set of experiences waiting for them. Often more than not though, people I have found, tend to laugh at the idea and further their torture within the 'Prison Yard'. The truth is that if you truly want to be free, then think of freedom as being the ability to think and decide things for yourself, rather than being told what to do and/or following orders and errands. A presented argument to was once that maybe I was chained and was the one pointing and laughing. In truth however, while I do accept this as a possibility, I find it an improbability. I am not so much chained as the rest of the world because I can think and accept things which others far from accept. I accept the fact that there may be no god and no existence waiting for us as an example. However, I choose the ability to reason that, on my behalf, it seems like an improbability because of the things that I have experienced and witnessed. so instead of rejecting an idea, accept it's possibility and take into yourself your analyzation of the matter at hand. This way you are no longer chained to what others think, and thus more applicable to see a wider variety of things.

After a while of doing this, you may actually find yourself either searching for more things, and/or faced with more things within the spiritual and idealistic realm. Many dispute the realization of idealists; and while I accept the possibility, I have come to my analyzation that whether it is real or not, if it helps and does no harm you should continue it. Idealists may have ideas which seem absurd, but if you put it away from the modern physics and science that govern our lives today, are idealists really so absurd? Is the idea that something else could exist so absurd? If you believe in heaven, then why not believe in a spiritual awakening? Why should you not believe that one may communicate properly with the being known as God simply by asking? By now you should know that I believe that everyone has the capacity to learn without a teacher. How does one learn? Is the only way to learn through teaching others? No, there is another way, in fact, there are many other ways. The two main ways are through a process typically referred to as 'Trial and Error' and the least recognized process of observation. By observing the things in motion around myself I have come to the conclusions I have about humanity and about the way things work inside and outside of its realm. I base these upon common sense and idealism, an art which combines reasoning and Philosophy as one. By doing this I have been able to free a little bit of myself from the stresses of everyday life.

Honestly, there is no way of 'truly' escaping the reality of everyday life, but why would you want to when all you have to do is look at it from a different perspective? Change your ideas and be open to other ideas and be truthful about your emotions. Emotions I feel are somewhat dimmed these days unfortunately. I believe that the human emotions that used to guide us have been somewhat tamed by the social networking of life today and that we, as humans, are faced with the troubles of finding out what is a false emotion and what is pure realism. There are ways to tell though, and unfortunately some of them involve waiting. Sadly, if you still believe that love and physical contact is your only way out of things these days, you are somewhat in a bind of your own and therefore only you can make what is the logical choice. The only way to tell if you are experiencing a false emotion is to analyze the situation you are in and ask yourself why you want that person or that thing. If the answers come from something that is far from explainable by everyday things such as words, actions, and physical feelings, then it is most likely a realistic emotion, and one that should be acted upon. Those with realistic emotions usually suffer little, though I am far from saying that no one with real feelings for someone suffers.

If you can step outside of your world for a little while and look within the confines of reality and those that surround you, you can better ascertain the situations at hand and logically make a choice based upon those things. If you are split between two people, then it is likely that one of those people is a figment false emotion to ascertain which one it is, only you can decide and only you can tell who goes beyond realistic feelings and emotions and who does not. Remember that the key to social networking these days is analyzation and openness to the possibilities of others.


Upon delving into one's own self awareness, we can each find traumatic events within our lives. Bad things and witnessed events which have darkened our eyes and scolded our emotions into feeling less human. Despite these problems within every human being however, lies the power to fix the things in our lives by simply standing outside ourselves and sifting through the bad memories and/or feelings as an “outside looking in” of sorts. When one comes across a traumatic event, it is possible to seal up and or come to terms with that thing in the best possible way. Even those that have come to terms with it already can go back and fix the outcome for the better. As crazy as it sounds there are indeed many ways to fix the many feelings of regret and sadness. One of these ways is to find the event/emotion in question and delve within it. When you immerse yourself within repressed regret and sorrow, you can see what you need to fix. There are possible side-effects of depression however, but these can also be battled.

Depression is the condition in which one person has delved within the emotion of sadness and regret and is living with one or both emotions and is often living within a past event/repressed memory//emotion. The way to cure yourself of this is far beyond drugs, rather drugs repress them again rather than doing the maintenance and repairs needed by the mind, body and soul. The way to fix it is to go within these emotions and find the happiest feeling you can find and the most peaceful setting you can find that do not deal with the subject matter at hand. Whenever you experience problems with this emotion or event, simply look for said happy emotion or pleasant vision. Often times you will find that you can treat these emotions and memories as a monster/demon of sorts as well. Standing up to them and telling them that they will no longer rule your life or cause you remorse. It can take practice and is not always as easy as I may seem to put it, but it does work if you can get the hang of it.

When curing yourself of these emotions you may find yourself believing that it is hard to let go of the emotion or the event because of the things that you went through. Truly, I can say that I know how you feel here; to not want to let go of something knowingly harmful simply because of it's attachment to your life and the impact it served and may still be serving. I know that you'll struggle with this so here's the deal. It is a blatant fact to me, that things are never black and white. There is always gray when a humanly object is not in question. If you want something you can have it even if you are also letting go of it. Instead of completely erasing it, come to terms with it and use the memory for good. Let the memory remain, but not have domain over you. Many people complain that it isn't as simple as just keeping these events from ruling over you, but that's just it; it is indeed just that easy.

When dealing with events which are happening at present time, you can use you common insight to help block you from the negative emotions which may come from these events. When a word is spoken to you, your mind perceives its every tone and pitch and it's meaning in a split second. It analyzes whether or not what is being said to you is negative or not. Think instead how you could keep these words from harming you. Ignore them right? Sadly, you cannot both ignore the words and still fake the knowledge of grasping what was said to you or done to you. So instead, allow your mind to process what is being said to you before your heart does, it takes practice and maybe even pain but it works.

Imagine a water filter. Dirt particles get caught in the filter while the water flows right through. Imagine that the water is positive emotions and words while the dirt is negativity. Every now and then you have to clean the filter, but in the end you wind up getting healthier drinking water because you aren't drinking as much dirt. The same concept can be applied to negativity in the every day world. Always try and find something positive among the dirt; always try to find water in the mud by sifting.


Within today's culture we find ourselves limited too often by the confines of the materialistic realm. It is my personal belief that within every human soul lies the ability to grasp and gain anything wanted with a force of energy behind it. An example would be that one person is a rather sad individual who cannot seek shelter anywhere in life from depression. Within the example person we can examine a want to be happy, a wish. Many people consider these wishes to be a child's fantasy which can never come true because of science and reality. These are lies however, because if one wanted to truly be happy then one would be happy.

Many refuse to believe that they can do anything and thus fall aside from their paths and settle for less than they can achieve in life. While this is not necessarily damning, it is upsetting and a near waste of a life in my opinion. Every day I see individuals bashing one another on various forms of media for one or another's efforts. Some people give up and truly believe that the universe is made up of a set of principles and laws that can never be bent or broken.

The truth is that all laws can be bent and broken, anything that exists can be bent to your will through shear and pure want. This is not so much to say that if you wanted a bag of chips that they would automatically appear before your side, but more like if you wanted to ace a test that you had never seen or heard of before, you could. A Will is a strong thing, and it can be used as a medium to unlock parts of you that you may never have known existed before.

Back to the example subject, the individual can become happy based merely upon their desire to become happy. However, everything is balanced, and likewise is the amount of will power required for the subject and task at hand. If one wants to become happy they must do more than wish, they have to actually try to smile more, try to make themselves be happy, otherwise your want is weak, and thus not enough power to carry out the task at hand. Depending on the situation, you have to bend your emotions to your own will, cause your mind to block out the negativity. This is the only way for the example individual to find true happiness.

Because people have lost hope in trying to do anything that is not based upon materialistic things, they often wind up unhappy, yearning for something that they cannot describe. This want is the will trying to bend things, but because it cannot reach the mind, it's efforts are useless. That is why, the only way to continue to learn and do things, is to truly believe in what 'you' as an individual have to say; in what 'you' want. You have to believe that you can achieve anything that you want, otherwise the slightest bit of doubt will cause you to falter. The only way for humanity to help heal itself is to believe in themselves and their wants, to believe that the outcome will be exactly as they have envisioned it.


Due to my beliefs, I have to say that of everything I have come to understand, the discovery of energy has got to be one of the greatest achievements for me. The earth has energy and so does the human body and soul, everything is made up of energy. As stated above, I also believe that these energies can be bent and used as needed. It is because of this that I have come to state to others that it is quite possible to achieve anything with the proper mechanics involved.

The will is an energy, and thus if you have a will to do something then you shall accomplish it unless your will power is not equivalent and/or greater than that of the goal you are trying to achieve. Because of this, one can easily see how anything may be obtained through shear wishing and trying.

The Earth too has energy flowing through it's lands and it's waters. Many scientists have long since uncovered the facts which prove to us that these energies exist. One of these is that law that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. Through this principle we may begin to see that the cycle of life is but one of Earth's many energy cycles in which energy from one being is transferred to another. However, it is my belief that you do not have to die to transfer this energy. The transfer of energy may easily be done simply by wishing for it to be transferred and imagining it to happen.

However, because the Earth has energy it too can falter in it's energy stability. Today we can see and even sometimes feel the results of our destruction of the waters, earth, and sky. We take too much energy for ourselves and do not try and give any of it back. Because of this, the Earth is slowly being swayed in it's energy stability, and thus we have such natural disasters as Hurricane Katrina and other various forms of destruction.

The only way to bring the energy back to a stable point is to give energy back to the earth, instead of continuing to take from it. Many can do this simply by stopping their consumption of Coal and Oil, while others can even go so far as to transfer their energy consumption into that of machines which do not pollute but rather give while they take. The advent of such machines will ensure a greater stability for the environment and thus a more stable lifestyle and a less hectic and worrisome day.


All of these things inter flow withing each other and help to create each of us. IT is up to everything we believe and every step and action we take in our lives to help keep each other alive and sustained. We are each meant to be gifted with knowledge and everyone is meant to be equal.

What happened to cause all of what God set into motion to go askew? What happened so long ago that caused us so much pain and so many sufferings. It is my thought that it was not the Garden of Eden which caused this pain, but a person who decided to wish for more than he or she needed or wanted. Somewhere along the lines of time we decided to go the route of the materialistic and cast aside that which brings us true happiness for the faux hope that mankind can make itself happy with no help from God or the Earth.

We scare each other to feel achieved and sustain our own pathetic brains. We decide to pursue the teachings of others rather than decide for ourselves what we believe or do not. We follow and worship that which breathes air and thinks, not that which offers knowledge and peace. We seek more than we can comprehend, and in the midst of the frustration of being denied such knowledge we conjure up a synthetic truth in which to live our lives and take control over each other. Such laws and other examples of these words can easily be seen in both Modern Day laws and even the Holy Bible's book of 'Leviticus'.

It is with the intent of good that we set out to turn things into that which we can use for ourselves. The selfishness of mankind knows no boundaries, and it does not begin to stop when it feels satisfied. We destroy and mod that which we are given in the hopes of peace and turn them into kingdoms of fire and steel ascending to the sky. With this power we seem to seek some sort of gratitude from God himself.

Mankind seeks to win and never settle for less. It's goals -for the most part- are reckless and destructive. We are always right in our minds, and thus we allow no room for hope or compromise. It is when we cast aside the method of hope and Belief that we were cast into darkness. Now each seeks to one-up the other by naïve name-calling and brutal attacks. We forget in the end what it was we were trying to win in the first place, for in the end it doesn't really matter anymore.

In the end of time and at the end of your life. Each person must ask his or her self as they lay, sipping their last mortal breath, “What did I leave behind?” What indeed have you left behind? Each person has a goal in life and some are set higher than others, but each has the same potential and the set goal of changing this world for the better. No man nor woman will be able to escape the fate of Judgment and you will be judged for your acts of kindness and peace towards your brethren. Your acts will not be in vain, nor will they bless you with anything less than a lesson; a Truth in and of itself. When your eyes close and the last thing you ever see is the sky, what will you be remembered for? Who have you ever sought to help in their time of need? How many kin have you scoffed and never sought friendship from? How will you be remembered?

- - - - - - - -

It is my hope that by reading these writings, that you may find purpose in your life; that you may somehow find the strength to explore areas that you have been told are lies. To challenge adversity with strength and courage and to show hope in the darkest of times. Through these writings I hope that you will gain the wish to seek out knowledge using your head and not by a book. I wish for peace and hope for the light in the darkest of days.

I hope that in time, each and every person finds their true identity, and seeks to become a better person through their acts of kindness and their teachings of hope. I want the world to be more open minded and to not turn away from things because the things to not please them as others do. It is my hope and my belief, that by writing this, and many of the writings which I will continue to author, that peace may be achieved in at least a few lives.

In speaking to what I perceive to be a later me, I want to thank you for the strength that you have shown, for if I know myself it will not be an easy path, but I will not falter. I hope that each and every person out there realizes the lies from the truths and can see the gray in the black and white. I hope that everyone finds happiness and the ability to smile for nothing, if only for a moment. I seek to accomplish this goal of hope and peace in every being, and I will not stop until I gain this vision and until I attain the ability to see a smile on a truly happy face. I will always seek to help the helpless and to try and save the fallen. I want each and every person to know peace and happiness, and I swear that I will not fail in my attempts. I swear that I will not falter, for everyone will eventually find out the truth, and I am but a catalyst in the grand scheme of forever.

Who will you be when you die?

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I*de"al*ism (?), n. [Cf. F. idéalisme.]


The quality or state of being ideal.


Conception of the ideal; imagery.

3. (Philos.)

The system or theory that denies the existence of material bodies, and teaches that we have no rational grounds to believe in the reality of anything but ideas and their relations.


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I*de"al*ism, n.

The practice or habit of giving or attributing ideal form or character to things; treatment of things in art or literature according to ideal standards or patterns; -- opposed to realism.


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