There is a house with a glowing thing inside it. I know that the glowing thing has something to do with the answers to all questions. There is some kind of quest involved with this house, and a very short man that isn't around anymore. I remember him talking to me and then leaving. I am supposed to find something, which is related to the glowing thing in the house. I don't go in the house but I can see this green glow coming from inside, and I know the thing is very large and very important. The house is old and looks more like a cottage. There are very old trees in the yard, and a short, wrought iron fence with a busted gate in front of it. It is fall probably because none of the trees have leaves. There is a winding path through the woods next to the house, and this path is important in some way.

I am supposed to find something. I have gotten a clue that is "follow the path and find the ending" with a picture of the house, which is why I am there.

Cut to ... big room like a mausoleum or a church. Vaulted, gothic ceilings and pillars. A big bed-like thing in the middle of the room with pillows, and pillows and carpets all over the floor. The building is gothic but the decor looks like the El Asqua Mosque in Jerusalem. D, H, and MC are there. There is another person, and I'm not sure if this person is male or female, but MC is rolling around on the bed with him/her and laughing. D is off by herself doing something, I don't know what. H is making loud, rude comments about whoever is on the bed with MC. I am trying to get her to lower her voice so that she isn't overheard.

Cut to house.

D, H, and I are at the house. A couple of skanky guys show up in the yard and start poking around and asking questions. They try to bum a smoke off me and I say no. They are asking questions about the house and whatever it is we are looking for. I think they are looking for the same thing, but that they are like the bad guys and will not do good with it if they found it, because if we find this thing we will know everything. The entire knowledge of the universe will pour into us and it will be bliss. D and H are there with me because I don't want this only for myself, I want to share it. I remember again the path and the clue and I start walking down it. I am carrying H and it is easy because I'm strong and she is light. D is kind of dancing around and laughing and keeps straying from the path and running back to H and I. D is skipping like a little girl; acting and looking very cute. We get down the path a ways, I am carrying a box with pictures in it--they are very old and very important. I have my French army coat on that I bought in the Albany surplus store.

It starts to rain. Slowly and then harder and harder. D is loving the rain and dancing around in it. I'm still carrying H who is also enjoying the rain. We are on a very open part of the path that is going up a small hill through a meadow. I'm not bothered by the rain but I'm concentrating on moving forward and keeping my box dry under my coat. It starts to hail. We start to run back to the car. D keeps yelling "ouch!" when hail stones hit her and she's running like hell. I'm running too, and the hail is smacking H on the head. For some reason I'm not getting hit and I kind of wish I were. We get in the car and are tired and wet and basically happy.

Then I wake up.