Albany was a big coastal town on the south coast of Western Australia, about 4 hours drive south of Perth. It is no longer a town. In 1998, it's population grew so big that it is now classified as a city. It's kinda weird, knowing that the town with only one main street is classified as a city. Albany's population is currently 25,000 (true on Oct, 2001).

Tourist Attractions include whales, wildflowers, heritage buildings, picturesque beaches, blowholes, and wineries. An unusual feature of Albany (at least to me) is that it has a roundabout with five exits. Up until when I first entered Albany, I had only ever seen roundabouts with four exits, never five.

Albany has the honour of being the first settlement ever in Western Australia. The settlement was established in December 1826 by Major Edmund Lockyer, 2 years before the Swan River settlement near where Perth is currently situated.

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