It started with a band concert. I had brought two pairs of glasses, but one of them was accidentally sunglasses, and the other didn't correct my vision enough. Everything was blurry. I was sitting in my chair restlessly, and talking to my friend Laura. She had her flute put together already, but I didn't know where mine was, and I couldn't see well enough to look for it.

Then we were in a classroom. Several of the people were from real life, several were not. The teacher was reading personality profiles for each of us. Then she would pass them back, and someone other than the person profiled would keep them for sentimental value. My friend Rachel's got back to me, with the corner torn off. I gave it to the cute guy sitting next to me, because he really cared about Rachel, and he matched up the torn edges. It was written in purple in Rachel's handwriting. When class finished, I met Rachel at the front of the classroom and offered to let her read mine if she wanted to. I reached into my back pocket, but instead of the single sheet of notebook paper I expected, it was a whole bundle of papers. When I unfolded it, it turned out to be the information about Rachel torn from a book. I felt like I looked like a stalker.

We were on a mountain. All of the girls went to their cabin, but some of us decided to run up a boardwalk that led up the mountain. It ended in a maze, and I ran through it quickly thinking that I could remember where I was going. I ended up separated from the group, and I was trying to get back. Everything was sand and water, although I was aware I was still on top of the mountain. I was running along a boardwalk that was a sheer drop to water on one side, and at water level on the other. I tried to run where if I fell it would be in the level water.

Eventually I was trying to climb a wall of sand. There were shrubs and junk piled up against the wall that I was climbing. I would climb a few feet, go horizontally for a little ways, and then climb again. The sand threatened to crumble and the junk threatened to slide. Some of it did. Then, I tried to climb up a derelict Bronco II and knocked down a huge pile of junk, including two vehicles. It knocked me back towards the water and the junk was falling over me. I was trying to calculate when the back of my head would hit the water, thinking that if I blew upward through the water that none of the junk could land directly on me.

I do not know how I escaped my predicament, but I was running along the sandy wall again. I came agross something like a miniature reptilian rhinoceros and scared it off by yelling. I kept running. Finally, I met some girls from the lodge, but just before we turned back down the mountain, one of them tried to pet a little winged cat. I told her not to, and she did anyway, and it bit her and killed her. We tried to run but the winged kitten kept up with us. We were still trying to evade it, now running down a boardwalk between trees, when I woke up.

Usually, I can interpret my dreams pretty well. I think the gist of this one is, I don't know whether I'm going up or down.

I just woke up and thought I'd node this before I forget. :)

I was at the Sunflower House, only it wasn't the sunflower house because it had a really nice big front lawn. I was out there with one of my old housemates, Tosha. We were drinking and smoking or whatever, and I came outside with a drink and the ground started to shake. We were having an earthquake in the middle of Kansas. It ended and I was like, "Okay, that was creepy." and then Tosha was all freaked out and yelling at me "We've got to get inside before the flaming rocks start falling from the sky!" So we run inside and sure enough, through the open door opposite the one we just came in at, we can see flaming rocks hitting the grass.

Just when we're about to congratulate ourselves out of getting out of this close one, a huge brown bear starts trying to get in the door. He probably dislikes flaming rocks hitting him in the head more than we do. Tosha runs to the door and tries to close it on him but the bear is stronger so he gets into the house anyway. I freak out and run up several flights of really nice stairs (also non-existant in the real Sunflower House) and run into some dumb boy who says he needs to talk to me.

edit out crazy sex dream involving said dumb boy and a bathtub on the top level of sunflower which is really nice, aparently.

After sex is taken care of, everyone I know in the freaking world heads to a rave, which is in a really weird venue. We even got Kevin to come with us and he was all decked out as a candy raver. Everyone was dressed really strangely which isn't unusual for a rave, but this was more strange than usual. The venue was selling ice cream, and I really wanted some so a friend of mine and I went out to the car to get more money. When we got back in, the people were all like, "No re-entry!" and we're like, "Fuck, you didn't tell us this before we left, did you?" Finally we got them to let us back in but we were really pissed. The kind of ice cream I got was mint flavored and had chocolate chips and chunks of white chocolate in it too. The lady told me it was a flavor invented by Metallica which was almost enough to make me throw it away.

After that we headed upstairs to find everyone. It was stairs like in an auditorium or something. So crazy. Anyhow, we see Kimonade's rave pants sticking out into the aisle and she's laying down, fucked up out of her mind on something. We're talking to her about how she came up here with some guy and he took her shirt off but then he had to go for some reason and she was really confused. We were chilling with her and then Eli (who I haven't seen in over a year) comes up to me, is like, "Hey, how's it going?" and then tells me that heaven and hell have switched places. We go off to find Kevin who has changed into normal clothes and is sitting in a recliner. We have to tease him about that.

Which is the last concrete detail I can remember.

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