Am I an XP Whore?

I mean, I still have 60 or so w-us to level 4, but my XP level got there a few days ago. Maybe it's all those french comic artists I write about that get C!ed... Not that you should downvote me, cause I kinda like whoring for E2.

I just got home from visiting Frederiksborg Castle. Well, I go to school close to it, but my cousin who lives in America was visiting with his girlfriend, so we went and looked at that. I like it. On the way back there was this kid telling about how he had no taste in music, and he wanted the radio show to help him get it. So they play one goddamn hour of poop music at him till he falls off his chair and surrenders to the brainwash. Now he likes Limp Bizkit, the poor sod. Couldn't they play some clever music instead?

maybe his problem was that he actually did have a taste in music, and that was the reason he didn't like pop. *sigh*.