I stand in a completely windowless, lightless white room (how it is white without light I cannot answer).I stand at one end, wearing a red robe. There are thousands of people lined up shoulder to shoulder from one end to of the room to the other in front of me. These are not ordinary people, though, oh no. THese people have absolutely no facial features - no hair, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, nothing. They where white robes, exactly the same colour as the room, meaning I can only see their heads and hands.

I walk up to one and lick its "head". Instantly it turns into my Mum and starts lecturing me, so I promptly rip its head off. I walk to another one, lick it, it turns into my Dad and starts yelling at me. Off with his head! The third lick turned out to be my best friend Tom who started annoying the shit out of me. I was beggining to like the job as executor. The process went on and on until they weren't shoulder to shoulder any more. The final one I licked turned into my friend amy. Instantly I shoved my tounge down her throat and we dropped to the ground. Soon we began to copulate.

It wasn't long before Darth Vader levitated in through the ceiling in his black suit. We finished copulating and stood up. Darth kindly asked us to help him with his licking, so we did, and soon we turned all the remaining featureless things into stormtroopers. Then Darth said "Let's party like its 19999!" (yes, 19999, its not a typo), and with his mythical Dark Jedi powers brought a Disco Ball levitating through the ceiling, instantly turning the bland white room into a funky, retro Disco.

Darth proved quite the break dancer showing off his grooves on the dance floor. The stormtroopers grooved pretty well too, but not as good as Darth who was now spinning on his head. Suddenly in levitates Luke Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi. Darth jumps up and pulls out a large gold chain with a medallion on the end, Obi-wan and Luke pulled out silver ones. They all donned them and then began having a break dancing contest. I wish I'd found out the winner, but I woke up before then.