I am on a dock, fishing. There are lots of fish swimming right under the water. One fish gets caught in my fishing line. I lift it out of the water and it's all puffed out, in obvious distress at being caught. It is completely tangled up in my fishing line. I am going to have to untangle it myself. But I don't want to touch the fish because it has spindles over it and might hurt me. I ask if this is the kind of fish that has very sharp spindles and they tell me that it's not a particularly sharp-spindled fish, but all fish have some sort of spindles.

I start untangling the fish and it starts bleeding from being handled. My father sees my distress and asks what about this distresses me. I tell him that I just don't want to see the fish getting hurt. He takes it from me and goes to kill the fish. But he does this by crushing it under both his hands. And this killing takes a long time and I can hear the bones of the fish getting crushed over and over again.

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