I awoke in my dream at about 5am, it was time to go to school again but I wasn't going there today. I was going somewhere else. I was going to hang out with my friend and another girl around the area where they live. The thing was, it was some sort of job or something. But anyway, the place turns out to be some sort of ski lodge that I've been to a long time ago, and my other friend comes into the scene. We're playing SSX like the night before and we're still unlocking all the tricks, but we're also playing the Show Off round so we're hardcore doing every single move on anything that gives us air. Somehow it took place in the ski lodge and I was amazed at all the secret things she knew. One part was a small pipe hole that she would jump through and I was like how did you know that? And she was like, can't tell you, and I was like, oh I know! That's where the old leaky toilet use to be! What the hell?

Okay end of the game, we go off because we're on our break and all of us go our separate ways. I'm really hungry so I decide to order something from Death By Chocolate, but I need to make a reservation first which isn't till 2:30pm. By then my break would be over so I decide to just walk around and try someplace else. Then I realize I forgot my bags and money at the bank, so I run over there and it's closed. I find a security guard and convince him to open the bank door and I go in and get my stuff. When I was walking out of the bank I meet two of my friends and we decide to go get ice cream at this really great place I know. So we go there and the selection sucks and the colors for the flavours are all wierd. Anyway we get our ice cream and the scoops done by this guy are so sucky and they're like total rip offs. My mom is there by now and I'm like mom! Don't get anything he's a rip off. Then I take the scooper from him and show them all how it's really done! Wow were they angry!

We fled the scene and went back to that place, but my mom told us that we all had to go because she had to go pick up my older sister. We were already late, and there were people in the car that I didn't recognize but they said they knew me and my friends. Ha! I took my sweet time buckling my seat belt and everything and there was a weird patchy colored fox climbing in a tree and somehow there was snow all around and my mom mentioned something about a blackout. Wierd, we didn't experience one at the lodge. Oh well. So we head home and we forget about picking up my sister anyway.

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