Released in 1982 by Namco, this video game looks a lot like the original Pac-Man, but has some screwy twists:

-The ghosts look like apples when they turn blue (see it to believe it!)
-The array of treats is completely different, (eg. coke instead of cherry, cocktail instead of strawberry, pea pod instead of peach.)
-Not all the ghosts turn blue upon consumption of a powerpill; randomly, sometimes one dick bastard doesn't. (this makes the completion of a level with one set pattern impossible)
-Sometimes the board becomes invisible after powerpill munching (randomly)
-After gobbling a powerpill, the ghosts sometimes all become edible, but are invisible (also random)
-Upon eating a treat, the ghosts become invisible and edible for a short time.

It can be some fun to play, but it was really meant for the ultra-hardcore Pac-Heads who found the first game boring... this game is too damn hard!