AOL PLUS is AOL's attempt to enter into the broadband arena. While it is powered by DirecPC and offers speeds of "at least 8 times faster than the best 56 kbps modem," there are too many problems with it to make use of it widespread.

  1. It's only eight times faster than the best 56 kbps modem. While 40 K/sec is better than 5 K/sec, I'd still rather have the up to 380 K/sec that cable access gives.
  2. Though this is tied in with the speed, the connection is via satellite. This means that people without the required equipment will need to spend $149. This is outrageous when compared to the start-up costs that most other broadband services offer. Also, satellite connections are known to have problems, especially during the summer and periods of intense sunlight.
  3. Not only do you have to pay the $19.95 a month for AOL PLUS, but you also have to pay the base AOL fee. That's around $40 a month
  4. Well, it's AOL.

What AOL PLUS offers is relatively low speed internet access for relatively high prices, providing relatively useless content. If AOL were to spend their resources on more modern broadband technology, it might provide a decent service. Unfortunately, AOL's user-friendly history might prohibit a "drastic" change like this.

Information specific to AOL PLUS was found on the AOL PLUS website at

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