Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 is quite simply one of the best arcade games ever made. This is a multigame that contains seven different titles. Including the original Pac-Man, Rally-X, Dig Dug, and New Rally-X. This was the better of the two Namco Classic Collections, and thus commands a premium price.

This game was sold as a universal conversion kit to convert any JAMMA compatible cabinet. It requires a pair of 4-Way joysticks, which is odd for a JAMMA title. This might have been a universal kit, but every one I have ever seen was in a Galaga '88 or Pac-Mania cabinet (same cabinet), might just be coincidence, or maybe Namco had a trade in deal going.

There are many reasons this game is so awesome, but the main one is the fact that it is the only way to get a fairly new (1996) Pac-Man game without resorting to doing ROM swaps on shoddy Asian Ms. Pac-Man bootlegs. Then in addition to Pac-Man you also get Rally-X, New Rally-X, Dig Dug and new updated "Arrangement" versions of Pac-Man, Rally-X, and Dig Dug. That makes seven great games in total, all on one machine. The "Arrangement" versions are basically the same old games done with new graphics, more gameplay options, and two player simultaneous play. Add all that together, and that makes this one of the best possible titles to get for your game room.

This title is fairly scarce in the US, and is most common in the form of an imported Japanese JAMMA PCB. The Japanese version is identical to the US version except that some of the text is in Japanese. Several people sell inexpensive language change kits in case the oriental text gets on your nerves. For installation you will need a JAMMA wired arcade cabinet and a pair of 4-Way joysticks. I recommend the Happ Controls Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga replacement stick, as it has a great feel.

One major note for purists. The "original" versions of Rally-X and New Rally-X have been slightly altered. Those games originally used a horizontal monitor. They have been altered to use a vertical one. What they did is moved the map and scoring section from the side to the bottom, leaving the actual gameplay area basically unchanged.

This title is commonly available on eBay and through many arcade vendors. Be aware that it is pretty darn expensive, $300 USD seems to be the price for the PCB alone as of Jan 2003. Don't let the cost turn you away though, that is only a few dollars more than an original Pac-Man boardset, and it gives you six more games to boot.

As of Jan 2003, this title is not yet available in MAME, so you will just have to buy the real version.

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