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Today was definitely an ordinary day. Not much actually happened. I felt like an absolute baka for forgetting my sister's birthday until today. It was August 21, 2000, and it's not like I didn't -know- that, but more that I just had too much going on with taking far too many hours to realise that Linux doesn't play nice with PnP OS=Yes, moving in, starting classes, and trying to coordinate band and fixing other people's computers. *mgrin*

I'm really start to wonder what's worth my time in life. I get these guilty feelings when I'm doing something "useless" or "non-productive". I feel like maybe I should be learning, or building, or coding, or bettering myself. Yet, there's so much time spent in my life doing things that don't matter at all. Maybe that's not really a problem, and nothing really matters at all in the long run, but it doesn't stop me thinking about it.

There was a stray cat on the side of the footpath by my dorm today. It's been out there before, very kawaii with its black body and white socks. I didn't have much to do yesterday afternoon and so I laid down my backup and sat down against a lamppost. The cat (named Eric by one of my friends, and Simon by another) was trusting enough to just climb in my lap and start purring. I sat out there in the breeze for what must have been an hour just petting the cat and enjoying the atmosphere.

I've begun yoyoing (word, dizzy!) as I walk around campus. Being that I seem to be the only person doing this, I get a lot of strange looks. *frown*. But, it's relaxing in it's own sort of way, and I'm starting to get a much better feel of how to yoyo, and the correct way to do loops and tricks. It's almost that I want yoyoing to become something mindless that just happens without much thought. Not that I don't like thinking, but it's relaxing to just do something without thinking about it. Not that I'm very good, but it's an awful lot of fun.

But both of those things I would classify as useless. There isn't any point to me sitting down on the side of a road to pet a cat. There's no real point to me whittling away my time yoyoing. I feel guilty. Am I here to yoyo? Am I here to pet cats? What's the point of it all?