The Yoyo A Gogo is an indierock music festival held occasionally in Olympia, in the model of the International Pop Underground Convention that K Records put on in 1991. The organizers of the festival are the folks who run Yoyo Records and while the group has changed over the years, the core members have been Pat Maley (also noted for his participation in the *bands* Courtney Love and Candice Pedersen, and Yoyo Studios, which he founded and continues to run), Michelle Noelle (who has played bass at times with Bratmobile and produced countless shows in Olympia in the early-mid '90s), Kent Oiwa (who plays in the band IQU), and Pat Castaldo (of Truth Development). The festival is held over the week culminating in the Lakefair carnival and parade.

lineups for the festival over the years:

Another festival is planned for Summer 2001.

The 1994 and 1997 festivals have been documented via live recording compilations.

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