Mecca Normal is the undefinable shrill and hum of Jean Smith (vocals) and David Lester (Guitar). Her vocals are distinctive and throaty, sending thrills down your spine. Originally based on Olympia, consequentially labeled Riot Grrrl, this band has for over ten years defined the musical stabbing word.
Not music for everyone, granted.
Notable Songs: Who Shot Elvis, Water Cuts My Hands

Mecca Normal LP/CD (KLP 38) 

Jarred Up LP/CS/CD (KLP 18)

Dovetail LP/CD (KLP 14)

Flood Plain LP/CS/CD (KLP 22)

Calico Kills the Cat LP only (KLP 04) 

"Paris in April" (IPU 68)

Oh Yes You Can ep (IPU 4)

Cardboard Box House of Love (IPU 11)

"This Is Different" (IPU 28)

"Rose" (IPU 32)


Throw: the Yoyo Studio Compilation CD (yo-yo)

Yoyo A Go Go '94 Compilation CD (yo-yo)

Yoyo A Go Go '97 Compilation CD/LP (yo-yo)

From the surface 7" (dionysus)

sitting on snaps CD/LP (Matador)

The eagle and the poodle CD/LP (Matador)

Qater cuts my hands CD/LP/MC (Matador)

Who shot elvis? CD/LP (Matador)

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