A rock band from Minneapolis, MN. The Stereo was formed in late 1998 after Jamie Woolford left Animal Chin, and was approached by a member of the Fueled By Ramen record label with a proposition. The proposition, was that he take his independently written songs, and make a collaborative project with Rory Allen Phillips, formerly of The Impossibles. The two agreed, and bridged the 18 hour distance from Austin, Texas to pMinneapolis, Minnesota] to make an incredible debut album entitled Three Hundred.

After this album, the two worked on some demos (notably "Connecticut" a song which Rory later brought to The Impossibles) before deciding to go their seperate ways. Rory made a comeback with The Impossibles, while Jamie decided to forge ahead with The Stereo. He recruited some new members, and made a 4 song EP entitled New Tokyo Is Calling. He and his new bandmates continued ahead with a new full length LP called No Traffic. But before releasing the album, Jamie decided he wasn't pleased with the work the other members wer putting in, and kicked them out, following this, he re-recorded many of the album parts himself. These band members went on to start a new band called Attention:.

Fueled By Ramen released No Traffic in 2001. While not being as strong as its full length predecessor, Three Hundred, this release strengthened The Stereo's fan base, and was a stepping stone for Jamie Woolford as a songwriter. Jamie assembled a group of temporary musicians and went on tour. After this tour, Jamie went to work on a new album.

Rewind + Record was recorded with new members of the band, notably Chris Serafini (Formerly of Pollen)on bass, BJ Wuollet (Formerly of Animal Chin) on drums, and Thomas Laufenberg (Formerly of The Pistoleros) on Guitar. After the cheapest recording the band has done yet, they have come away with the best sounding record yet, and Rewind + Record was released in June of 2002.

The Stereo is currently touring the U.S. and is doing well in the independent music scene.


Three Hundred (1999 Fueled By Ramen)
New Tokyo Is Calling EP (2000 Fueled By Ramen)
No Traffic (2001 Fueled By Ramen)
Rewind + Record (2002 Fueled By Ramen)

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