Melodic, punky indiepop band from Portland, Oregon (by way of {Eugene], the Crabs are Jon Lunsford (brother of Beat Happening's Bret Lunsford) on guitar, Lisa Jackson on drums, and since the Sand and Sea LP, Sarah Dougher (also of Cadallaca and the Lookers) on organs.

The evolution of the band's material is from stripped-down, fuzzed-out minimalist jangle to a fuller, more complicated sound. Jackpot features more uptempo songs than the subsequent album, and while Lisa has shown that she can hit hard, she seems to have opted for quieter, more complex drum parts and more singing parts than in the early days of the band.

The Crabs are a wonderfully fun band, with heartfelt lyrics and an excellent sense of rhythym. Highly recommended.

The Crabs also have excellent taste in artwork -- the cover of What Were Flames Now Smolder is by noted indie comic book artist Adrian Tomine, and the cover of Sand and Sea is by Nikki McClure.


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