While looking for a node that summed up "don't ever call me again, you psycho bitch from hell," I ran across this node and felt that it fit perfectly with this Lee story.

When we were 19, I had this awesome pair of Levi's. They were mens' jeans, size 32/34. They were long and baggy and sat on my hips very comfortably. Lee borrowed them and went to visit a mutual friend in New York City. She went, she conquered, she fought with our friend. When she came back, she gave me my jeans. About a week later, she made me dinner and said she had something to tell me.

"You know those jeans you let me borrow?"
uh huh...
"Well, the actor guy Michael I told you about, I guess he had crabs, because I got them, and I don't want you to get mad, but, well, I wore your jeans, and so you, uhm, might want to wash them in really hot water..."
uh huh...
"Jen, I'm really sorry."

It didn't matter, I didn't get any beasties. Funny thing is, I found out that she did pass them on to several New York lesbians, through non-intimate contact.

So don't ever lend out your pants, because you might get back something extra. It's worse than sharing your brush in grade school.

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