Independent hip hop group in Seattle. SoL seems to be omnipresent; if there's a hip hop show in Seattle, they'll be there in some capacity. According to the website, Source of Labor is Wordsayer backed up by Negus 1's beats; however, for the past 3 years at least, at live shows SoL is Wordsayer, Vitamin D spinning, Kevin Hudson on bass, Reggie Watts on keyboards, and someone whose name I've forgotten on drums.

The live show is excellent. Wordsayer does his best to get everyone in the crowd into the show. He also includes different stuff every show -- poetry, b boys and b girls, different instrumentation for songs. Very cool shows. Their first album is a little bit of a letdown; the music lacks the energy of the live show's. Still pretty good.


Stolen Lives - Jasiri Media Group, 2000

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