Since forming in Olympia, Washington in the early 1990s, Old Time Relijun has released three full-length albums, two 7" singles, and has appeared on several compilations.

2004: Lost Light, (K). Due out April 6, 2004.
2003: Varieties of Religious Experience, (K) (This release is credited to Arrington de Dionyso and the Old Time Relijun)
2001: Witchcraft Rebellion, (K)
2000: La Sirena de Pecera, (K)
1999: Uterus and Fire, (K)
1997: Songbook, Vol. 1, (Pine Cone Alley)

2001: King of Nothing, b/w drum and bass, (K)
1998: Jail, b/w Office Building, (K)

2000: "Sabertooth Tyger-Distorted Version" on the Hootnholler compilation
1999: "Giant Boat" video on the Blackeye Video compilation (K)
1998: "Qiyamat" on KAOS Theory compilation (Cottleston Pie/Mayonaisse)
1997: "Casino" on Overboard compilation (YOYO)
"Siren" on Selector Dub Narcotic compilation (K)

The musicians in Old Time Relijun are Arrington de Dionyso on vocals, guitar, and bass clarinet; Steve Gigante on drums; and Aaron Hartman (of IQU and the Replikants) on bass guitar.

The original version of the band consisted of just de Dionyso. After his reputation grew, he recruited Hartman and Bryce Panic to play bass and drums, respectively. Fezdak Water spent some time with OTR, but left after a year. After that incarnation of the band had gained from recognition from their compilation work, they went on hiatus. Panic sold his drumkit, and quit music forever to live in India and pursue a spiritual lifestyle. De Dionyso got his old bandmate Hartman and Phil Elvrum (also in the bands D+ and the Microphones) to be the carriers of the Old Time Relijun flame. Soon after, Elvrum decided to move to Norway, so Steve Gigante was chosen to replace him.

Old Time Relijun's lyrical content seems to revolve a paganistic, nature-based religion (hence the name) and a general rejection of contemporary society. The band redid some of their songs in Italian, not to mention Spanish and Portuguese, on the album La Sirena de Pecera.

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