I don't fit any stereotypes that people feel they have the right to impose on Muslims. I have long light brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin; but I am a Muslim. I never really thought about how much my life has been affected because of the way I looked until I started hearing about the atrocities committed in Americaafter September 11 against not just Muslims, but hundreds of people that just LOOKED like they were from the Middle East. This node is not meant to be a sappy personal account, rather a relevation that the United States is still a nation where the color of your skin matters a great deal. I have never had any problems because I was Muslim, but if my skin had been darker I would have probably been persecuted. Our nation is progressing, but unfortunately, there are still people that judge each other by the color of their skin alone. I think that members of all religions can agree to pray that this will someday end.

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