1. Over 90% are white males
  2. Tend to be intelligent, IQs in the "bright-normal" range
  3. Do poorly in school and hold menial jobs
  4. Markedly unstable families
  5. Families have criminal, psychiatric, and/or alcoholic histories
  6. Hate one or both parents
  7. Abused as children
  8. Records of early psychiatric problems
  9. High rate of suicide attempts
  10. Interested in pornography
Here are some of the United States' most prolific serial killers:

  • Theodore Bundy
    Suspect in 36 murders. Executed in 1989 for killing two women and a girl.

  • John Wayne Gacy
    Suspect in 33 murders. Executed in 1994. Dressed as a clown, buried the victims in his basement after torturing them. Victims killed between 1972 and 1978.

  • Patrick Wayne Kearney
    Suspect in 32 murders, convicted for 21. Dismembered victims, left remains in trash bags along highway.

  • Juan Corona
    Convicted for 25 murders. Killed Mexican farm workers, sentenced to life with no parole.

  • Wayne Williams
    Suspect in 24 murders. Convicted for killing two kids in 1982. Serving two consecutive life sentences. Dumped the bodies of his victims, mostly black children, in a river.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer
    Confessed to 17 murders, convicted for 15. Infamous for drugging, torturing, killing and then eating his victims. Most victims were gay or black males. Killed in prison by fellow inmate while serving a life sentence.

All of these killers were very good at charming their victims.

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