Born in 1967, Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Educated at Lincoln College, Oxford, reading English.

An avid mountaineer, Kearney got the idea for his first book, entitled ‘The Way to Babylon’ during a climb on the isle of Skye.

Presently lives just outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland with his wife, Dr. Marie Cahir, and what he terms ‘a slightly mad Jack Russell Terrier

His travels have taken him throughout Europe and ‘across the pond’ to the U.S.A.

Kearney has published several novels, the most noted of which are those belonging to the series ‘The Monarchies of God’.

Kearney is quoted as saying that much of the inspiration for his writing from his numerous trips to the isle of Skye, citing its peace and beauty as having muse-like qualities. His military training at Sandhurst has lent him an insight into the fluid nature of battle and he uses this to his benefit.

The political, religious and military intrigue that runs throughout the Monarchies of God series was influenced by his study of 16th Century European history, a topic he finds deeply interesting.

He plans to continue writing as long as people keep buying his books.

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