Colors often associated with African "nationalism" or "black Zionism" - a movement particularly popularized early in the 20th century by Marcus Garvey, among others. Marcus Garvey's teachings were one of the main inspirations for Rastafarianism, a Caribbean movement of blacks seeking to return to the "Zion" of Ethiopia and saw the last Emperor of Eathiopia, Hailie Salassie as a Christ figure. The word Rastafari means Prince of Peace. Ethiopia has a curious history and the royal family of Ethiopia has always maintained to be descended from the Queen of Sheba who visited King Solomon in the bible. It is maintained that she was impregnated by Solomon while in Israel and returned to her homeland in "the south" where the son of Solomon came to sit on the throne of Ethiopia. Haile Salassie, who was killed by Communists in the 1970's was widely believed to be a direct descendant of King Solomon and, therefore also a blood relative of Jesus Christ. Ethiopia's traditional flag features a red gold and green background with the Lion of Zion in the center.

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