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hello. I was born in south philly in 1972. grew up in the woods of south jersey with the pine trees and swamps.

attended kindergarten where we had those inflatable letter people. and a fat gym teacher.

my first grade teachers name was mrs. gross.

second grade teacher was miss mull - she was japanese and brought us candy back from japan and you could eat the candy with the wrapper still on - it just melted. she was my favorite teacher ever.

third grade teacher was not my favorite at all - I thought she was mean and my friend gunther wouldn't go into the classroom - every morning he would have to be drug in screaming by his mom

fourth grade....

oh - not that detailed? ok...

grew up - went to germany after high school, then santa cruz, struggled with sex and God and art. was a prostitute. finally went to school and became a webmaster so that I could visit places like everything while I was supposed to be working.

thinking of quitting and taking a sabbatical for 3 to 6 months and doing some freelance work and siting in the woods - again - like the good old days...

silly stats: 28 m 6' 200 lbs blue eyes shaved/buzz cut hair (brown) current location philly/jersey suburbs