A hypothetical method of driving someone insane by pointing out logical flaws in his or her view of reality. Unresolvable contradictions drive the victim mad.

Of course, if idea of the SEP field is accurate, the intended victim would ignore any contradictions. They would be filtered out.

See also Ministry of Reality Deconstruction

...technique of the zen master, or self-applied by those seeking to dismantle their ego. Unresolvable contradictions are accepted with the knowledge that the truth need not be self-consistent. After all, you'd find a 100% predictable person to be boring, so why should you accept that in your universe?

they say that, no matter how accepting you are of all possibilities, the universe will always come up with something that will challenge you.

This is academic or therepeutic, while reality hacking is recreational. See also: mind fuck, koan

delete perspective;

Perhaps the function executed at death. That one person's reality is destroyed, and their perspective ceases to exist. Their unique perception ceases to exist. Reality is only a single node in a large linked list of the sum of all perceptions that together create reality. Perhaps.

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