All of our lives we live for some purpose with countless distractions, rarely fully realized. Through slight of hand and passively forcible tone of voice we get things done as a society – progress. Born into this world, already a slave of reality, our young begin the basic brainwashing (conditioning and training for the more conservative mindset) of the moral fabric which our society is based upon. “Good”, “righteous”, “bad”, “sinner” – these things mean nothing to our young. Nevertheless, via complex conditioning they realize they will catch the wrath of hell if such intrinsic ideologies are broken. Ideas such as patience… honesty… mercyreligion… God – these are what we teach our young. Well behaved drones – fitting into the cookie-cutter paradigm of the model child. This is the responsibility of our youth. Advancement. After having been formatted with the necessary tools to succeed in life, we send our young to school. Ah yes, the mere mention of grade school brings back the memories of playground fights and yellow sand from the jungle gym -- brings back the silly games of coodies and cops and robbers. For nearly six to eight years the same basic ideas are forcibly inserted in the youth’s brain as fact or suggestion.


Working world



Each step of the well trodden path is well accepted and taken for granted that it has not been ill conceived. In each era of every generation the impending threat of responsibility lies just around the corner, yet everyone chooses to deny its existence.

“I don’t want to think of the job I’m going to have when I grow up. I’m in college.”
Some poor sap is “living the life”, right now, as though there’s no tomorrow -- as though he actually believes that he the single human being in existence that will actually live forever.

Sex, Kids, family, mortgages, loans and bosses. These serve as distractions to hold us over till we retire. All our lives we are being used: assimilated, formatted, reprogrammed, exploited, and spit out. The life having been sucked out of those that have been through this cycle then sit and watch it happen all over again, but are helpless to do anything about it. Old and withered, used up by society and placed in retirement home – death awaits.

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