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November 17, 2004
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I tried a dry run. Failed spectacularly. I plan to try again later. At least it was only a test. I am playing Ultima Underworld. I'm near the end of the game. When I've finished, perhaps I'll add a writeup about it, a review from the perspective of a modern player. I think I should also make a DotA or Defense of the Ancients node. One other thing, for now: another small way to contribute to e2 is to make softlinks. So, in addition to voting on random nodes, I will also make associative softlinks between them. I think, perhaps, the importance and value of softlinks is underrated.
22 November 2004 (Mon)

I think I'll try to get some more input. This seems to be the best option. I try not to be overcautious, and not too hasty. I may well ask the Chatterbox. Instead of coming right out and saying too much, I probably ask others the questions I ask myself. That way I can see if others reach the same conclusions. I'll say this, though. I can take the cautious route or I can just go ahead. If the latter, then I should be doing something over the next few weeks. If the former, I will be more gradual and take several months, if I do anything at all.
18 November 2004 (Thu)

I may well be using this space to post updates and information on my current project. I'll have to see how it goes. It may just be that I've become infatuated with an idea. Or an ideal. Also, I'm not sure how much and for what I'll use this space as opposed to the everything daylogs. I may well also want to use anonymous remailers for private or personal messages. I might consider using a forum, but I'm not so sure. I like it here. I don't know of an appropriate forum to use.

Just for information, teritagenimancer is something I formed from teratogeny. I realized that this wasn't obvious from a cursory search, and I didn't remember quite where I got such a silly-sounding word. Although, now that I look at it, it should be something more along the lines of teratogenimancer. Yes, that looks better.
17 November 2004 (Wed)

I have decided to put updates here in reverse chronological order, newest first. Just seems to make more sense to me. At any rate, I've decided to only spend votes on random nodes. In this way, newest or cool nodes are not given preference over obscure nodes. I try to spend half on upvotes and half on downvotes, but it is difficult to find writeups I am willing to downvote. I really need to work on my writing. Put more thought into it, or something. Coherent structure would be nice, eh? On that note, I've decided on a fun new class: teritagenimancer. A creator of monsters. And in order to accomplish this, I humbly request that you /msg me with any hints or potential improvements to my writeups. Anonymous votes don't help much.
04 November 2003 (Tue)

I don't like socks. They make my feet sweaty and just feel not so nice. Even clean ones. But I guess when they are straight from the dryer, they feel quite nice. But not to wear all day. I prefer lots of ventilation. That way they don't get too hot. They usually don't get too cold, either, because I'm usually standing or sitting on them. I've been meaning my feet when I talk about they for the past two sentences. How do you feel about socks?

I am just this thing. Nothing special. Maybe later.

Am thinking maybe here is a better place for daylog-type content. In that way it is not just writing nodes to have more nodes than this or that. And it is not having more nodes in hopes of getting cooled or upvoted. At the same time, no risk of downvoting. Just some thought.

Having returned to Everything after a multiple-year hiatus, I find it good to be back. It is a good place to get lost in, like a library or a museum. Only, I wish there was a way to filter out that which I don't want to read, am not interested in, from that which I am. For example, I find an interesting-looking link only to find it contains song lyrics. Really, it is the music which interests me. Just reading the lyrics is not so good unless I have heard the song. Ah well. So I meander and my prose is awkward. This is good practice, no? I'll go ahead a put a datestamp here now:
01 Nov 2003 (Sat)

So, I was thinking, it seems more difficult to find writeups and nodes to create than it did before. I had thought that it would be good to node availability heuristic, but it is already there. I may just write an alternate definition. Maybe later. At any rate, then, when checking the hardlinks on my home node, I found that there was no node for datestamp. Nor date stamp. So I made one. One word, so it is like timestamp. I fix it. It is hard to conceive that no-one had noded that before. There is one on almost every node on E2. Right there at the top of the node, in small print. With all the computer people here, you'd think one of them would node datestamp. But apparently not. Ah well.
02 Nov 2003 (Sun)