I think I just heard the funniest thing ever. My grandpa was telling me how he ordered the everquest 2 collectors edition a bit ago and he had not yet received it in the mail. When he inquired as to what was taking so long, he was informed that it was being held at customs because it was suspected to be a shipment of drugs. He said something about them being in some kind of suspicious metal box.

Evercrack being held at customs as a suspected drug shipment... I can't think of anything more ironic.

Know how I said I got promoted? Yeah, forget I ever said that.

Apparently my company's HR rep didn't talk to my manager about this promotion thing. My boss was like "err...I kinda need him where he is," and that was that. Ms. HR apologized.

And I was so excited, too. Grr.

On the plus side, looks like I'm going to be the guy running the store's new DVD Cafe - NBC recently bought Universal and is installing a cafe for people to preview movies and eat snacks before they buy 'em. It also looks like the computer's running this software are Unix-based. Who wants to bet on how long it'll take me to figure out the system's root password?

(because I can, that's why).

every company needs a hacker-type. I'm not one, but I'm probably about as close as they're going to get in this retail outfit.

didn't do a whole lot today. slept through class, woke up around 4pm. sat around in my underwear for 2 hours smoking Lucky Strikes and listening to the Replacements. for no reason at all, m'dear, no reason at all. went to the cafeteria to fill my stomach with hollow non-food. the anti-drug group on campus had covered a couple tables in huge posters that said "What's your anti-drug?" and students were encouraged to write their anti-drugs on it. i put stuff like Court TV, muppet love, "information that's only been stepped on twice". then i played chess with R., making a series of bizarre, irrational moves and losing pathetically with several key pieces still on the board.

at this point i figured that i would be awake until at least 4am since i woke up at 4pm, so on impulse i swallowed 60 mg of adderall around 10pm. stayed up all night writing in my notebook, mostly poems and fragments of speedthink. around 4am i smoked some pot and walked around in the neighboring graveyard. read e.e. cummings for awhile, i forget what else.

i have to switch into a single room as soon as possible. my roommate is an abnormal mutant ghost-person. i ain't exactly a ray of sunshine myself, but this kid is just like a vortex of chronic sleep-deprivation, depression & proto-nihilistic asshole-ism that destroys any positive energy within a 20 ft radius. his erratic, masochistic sleeping habits are changing my circadian rhythm into some kind of No Wave free jazz experiment. there's a lot more, but i don't feel like writing it. i'm tired now. fare thee well.

The narrow hall is packed with people... moving, talking, touching. There are some secret people at the bar - like the guy with big black sunglasses and hair that looks like a wig - or the girl in all black leather - flat boots with lots of straps and a bikers jacket.

A woman with long blond hair leans thoughfully against the wall remembering somebody. People are smoking, breaking the new laws since it doesn't really matter anymore. One guy handed me a joint.

"It is just like old times, just like old times," my two sweet friends keep on saying.

"Let's dance..." The floor is full - and other than the older man touching my bum, people are nice to me.

I'm tired though - like I will fall sideways off of my stilettos. I'm sorry to say goodbye. I'll never see this place again - it will soon be demolished.

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